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The question arises, why buy AutoCAD?

Well, AutoCAD is one of the most sophisticated architecture software on the market today.

There are so many reasons why you should buy AutoCAD.

In this informative guide, I will help you delve into why to buy AutoCAD is such a worthy purchase.

5 Reasons Why AutoCAD Is Important For Architects To Buy & Use

Reason 1: AutoCAD designs anything.


Reason 2: AutoCAD is fast.

So fast, it contains time-saving specialized toolkits that work at blazing speeds.

Reason 3: AutoCAD goes where you go.

Yes, that’s right… AutoCAD is mobile.

Working on a web app and a mobile app as well, AutoCAD lets you do your architecture and design work anywhere an internet connection can be found.

Reason 4: AutoCAD is complex.

Your designs are complex, too.

In fact, you’re a complicated person like everybody else.

Come to think of it, you might be somewhere between simple and complicated(Apple likes simple).

But regardless, AutoCAD engineers and designers (the ones that made the software) have thought of everything, so that no matter how simple or complex your design, you can get it off the ground and into real life.

Reason 5: AutoCAD is great for architects.

AutoCAD has so many features that are made specifically for architects.

Such as 2D drafting.

Such as drawing.

Such as annotation.

Such as 3D modeling.

Such as visualization.


AutoCAD, no matter what level of experience you have with the software, is great for architects.

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Now that you have a grip on the 5 biggest reasons why AutoCAD is great for architects, let’s get into each reason with greater detail.

Why Buy AutoCAD: Because AutoCAD Designs Anything, Period.

Whether you want to build a tool, or you want to design a skyscraper, AutoCAD is the premier software that lets you get the work done perfectly.

AutoCAD has so much depth and breadth of ability, that you can truly design anything.

Let’s look at a few things that you can design with AutoCAD, specifically:

  1. A Kitchen Sink.
  2. A Kitchen.
  3. A House.
  4. Kitchen Utensils.
  5. Table & Chairs.

With AutoCAD, you can design everything, including the Kitchen Sink.

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Let’s talk about the Kitchen Sink – Available on AutoCAD.

The image shows a kitchen sink of high quality to juxtapose the "kitchen sink" feature on AutoCAD.

Because AutoCAD has Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing, you can actually design a Kitchen Sink that would be installable in any house.

Just design, manufacture, and then ship.

A Kitchen Sink is noted first and foremost for its running water to some, and first and foremost for its exterior design to others.

Different styles of designers leads to different styles of results.

The point continues: when you want to design a kitchen sink, you can design it with AutoCAD.

Both soft or hard edges are available with AutoCAD as your designing tool of choice.

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Let’s Talk About A Kitchen – Designed In AutoCAD.

The image shows a contemporary kitchen, juxtaposing the content about designing a kitchen.

Say you want to design a kitchen.

The architectural work required for designing a kitchen includes a few important components (stated in a modular fashion).

  1. Floor plan
  2. Entrances & Exits
  3. Functionality
  4. Beauty

When you use AutoCAD, the floor plan is evident that you can in a modular fashion, design a kitchen that would be a lovely aspect of any home.

Of course, entrances and exits are very important in kitchens to make sure that people are not bumping into each other too much, and thus, that there is plenty of open space.

AutoCAD is an obvious choice when deciding on an architectural software based on the ability to maneuver and adjust spacing.

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Third, functionality would require there to be the best stove, or at least a good one, a lot of counter space for making preparations, cabinetry, requiring 3 dimensionality in your planning, lighting, a place for a refrigerator, and of course the electrical: where do you want your outlets?

AutoCAD electrical can help with the outlet placement, and AutoCAD has functional tools such as “kitchen sink” built right into the design.

AutoCAD leaves nothing out.

Fourth, you may want to consider a focus on the beauty of the kitchen.

When doing an interior design, you can place a lot of emphasis on beauty, especially when there has not yet been a budget stated.

Generally speaking, it makes good sense to design the interior of a kitchen with an eye for beauty and functionality at the same time, but if I’d have to choose, I’d start with beauty.

It’s obvious that there are some kitchens that are more beautiful than others.

All that being said, there is a lot of room for leeway on a kitchen that is 90% as beautiful, and 120% as functional… AutoCAD allows you to balance your desires and needs for beauty just as much as functionality.

Let’s Talk About A House – Architected on AutoCAD.

The image shows a house because the article talks about designing a house.

When you want to design and architect a house, AutoCAD is an obvious first step, but it’s also all of the steps.

You have the floor plans. AutoCAD.

The exterior décor. AutoCAD.

The interior design. AutoCAD.

The electrical currents and placements. AutoCAD.

The plumbing underneath, in, and around the house. AutoCAD.

The mechanical needs of the design of the house. AutoCAD.

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The design of the rooms, in terms of beauty, functionality, lay out (floor plan) and entrances and exits for every room in the house (your house, at some level, regardless of whether you end up living in it, which is the goal) – AutoCAD.

At every level of design and architecture, from uploading hand-drawn drafts to schematics mechanically altered related to interior layouts, AutoCAD has exactly what you require and desire to achieve your best work in architecture when designing and architecting a house – a house, designed on AutoCAD.

Let’s Talk About Kitchen Utensils – Designed On AutoCAD.

If you are on a creative streak with your designs and architectural drafts, then there is always the option for product creation.

AutoCAD is great for product creation.

Especially, AutoCAD is known to be a great software for designing products to be used around the house – such as Kitchen Utensils.

These Kitchen Utensils may go around your Kitchen Sink.

These Kitchen Utensils can be structurally designed, have engineering principles designed for strength, and can be designed with beauty in mind – all in AutoCAD.

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What’s more, the kitchen utensils benefit from the architecture and product design that AutoCAD does best.

Improving your kitchen has never been so simple.

Let’s Talk About Tables & Chairs – On AutoCAD.

AutoCAD and AutoCAD’s miracle functionality also lets you design tables & chairs for that beautiful kitchen, in that beautiful house.

AutoCAD can do anything.

AutoCAD can do all things.

AutoCAD can do everything you want.

When the table is circular, the perfect circle actually gets noted as perfect to the manufacturer – all because of AutoCAD.

When the table is rectangular, the shape of the table is communicated precisely to the software, and then by the software – because of AutoCAD.

Also, with AutoCAD there are functionalities for shapes in 3 dimensions, such that you truly design the perfect table, and chairs, without any issues or technical delays.

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When you design a table and chairs on AutoCAD, you need to have the technical specifications in your hand before you get on to AutoCAD, right?

Not right!

Wrong, in fact. (It’s better than you predicted)

When you use AutoCAD to design a table and chairs, then you can actually start with a blank slate and then create your table and chairs both entirely on the AutoCAD software.

To be clear, the same is true for designing a house.

You can just as easily upload your drafts as you would begin a new project on AutoCAD without any technical information from before hand.

The over-arching concept is that with AutoCAD, anything is possible – especially in terms of your designs.

AutoCAD designs anything.

That’s why I am so happy to recommend AutoCAD as the premier software of choice for architects – whether you are an experienced architect, or whether you are starting your own architectural firm, or whether you are getting started with your studies as an architect.

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Why Buy AutoCAD. Because It’s Fast, Period.

A California Mansion Designed In AutoCAD

AutoCAD is tremendously fast.

With blazing speeds, you can get the most detailed of designs done in no time flat.

Truly, with AutoCAD, you can design an award-winning house in just days or weeks.

With AutoCAD, you have an architectural software that reminds you of lightning fast speeds of internet, regardless of what sort of internet connection you have.

The program AutoCAD is self-sustaining, and the next three to five moves are always evident on the architectural software – especially when you take careful notes with pen and paper at the same time, which, as an architect, I personally recommend.

The point is that AutoCAD is very fast as a software.

And because of the lightning-fast speeds of AutoCAD, you can get very sophisticated and complex designs done, very quickly.

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Case Study: My Architecture Studies At Harvard

The Harvard campus picture here accentuates this section of the article.

When I transferred to Harvard midway through my sophomore year in college from the University of Southern California, I did not expect the rigor of my academics to upgrade so much.

On the Los Angeles campus of USC, I had so much fun, had so many friends, and did great course work too, earning a 4.0 during my two years at USC before my transfer to Harvard.

When I arrived at Harvard, everything was business. Everyone in class was dressed professionally – sort of, the attire you would expect at an architectural firm on the up and up. Everyone in a blazer, with a button down shirt, and khakis – and yes, at Harvard, you get to wear jeans on casual Friday.

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The point of this Case Study is to remark about how my use of AutoCAD was seamless with my everyday studies of Architecture there.

On my first class of Architecture on the Cambridge campus, I pulled out my very fast laptop and opened AutoCAD.

As the professor gave the lecture, I began a design that would change my life.

I started designing a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house while in the lecture.

Learning By Doing was the number one teaching of the course that day.

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By the time the lecture was complete, I had already completed a total floor plan of the house – more of a mansion, to fit in – and because of AutoCAD’s 3D abilities, I was able to render the house in 3D, apply details, and present a nearly-finished mansion that looked like something you would want to live in by the end of the 90 minute lecture.

After class, I walked up to the professor to show off my work.

The professor said with a laugh, well you were obviously paying attention.

My response was that I simply applied every single thing the professor taught in order as the lecture happened, and the result was this beautiful mansion that we get to evaluate.

The professor was very impressed, and ended up giving me an A+ for the class.

Turns out, the professor had designed the lecture based on the appropriate (and in my mind, perfect) order of operations for designing and building a new house.

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To think that in 90 minutes, an architect can now accomplish what architects of the past would have needed 3 months, or 1 year, or 5 years to accomplish!

I am still astounded to this day about how easy it is to design a house to the utmost point of professionalism, with very little time, but still meeting and exceeding all previous standards of architecture.

Don’t get me wrong. I also like to draft. And when I draft, I have a very specific concept in mind, and I like to be creative. A bit more Rourke, if you get my point (reference: The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand, a perfect book for architects).

The image shows the book cover related to the book mentioned in the text.

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At the same time, I must remind you, dear reader, that with AutoCAD, you can accomplish some truly astounding designs, and very quickly.

As you know, the goal of an architect is to get your project built, in real life, in physical 3D.

Though I have been very busy in my professional career, and while my career did take an unexpected and favorable turn, I have nevertheless been able to accomplish 3 completed building projects – building projects where my designs from AutoCAD were turned into actual buildings, where people live and work.

One of them is a house that I later bought, and now live in, in Los Angeles.

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AutoCAD Is Fast, With a Lot of Time-Saving Specialized Toolsets

When you start designing on AutoCAD, life becomes a learning experience. AutoCAD is an all-encompassing architectural software. Buy it. By the way, AutoCAD is the software of choice of every professional architectural firm I have ever worked at or worked with.

For example, AutoCAD features an Architectural Toolset that is known to increase productivity on your designs by 60%, and improve the quality of your work at the same time.

Architecture is a complicated field.

When you are doing architecture, you want to be sure that you are doing your very best work for your client.

The image shows architects working to demonstrate the architect at work.

The Architectural Toolset of AutoCAD is renowned for its ability to get your work done faster, and better, too.

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Let’s take a deeper look:

One of the first and most important abilities of the AutoCAD Architectural Toolset is called “Renovation Mode”.

When you use renovation mode, you can adjust existing builds, and improve upon them very quickly.

Renovation mode lets you take an already-there property, and improve upon the property according to architectural best practices.

Let’s be clear. AutoCAD is designed for architects.

Especially, for those architects that understand order of operations, and also, how to take nothing and turn it into something great.

AutoCAD is also designed for architects to do renovations.

We’ll take a closer look at renovations now.

The image shows a renovated museum, to show what renovation looks like in architecture.

AutoCAD Renovation Mode

One of the features of Renovation mode is the ability to look at the designs of existing, demolished, and renovated property.

When you have the ability to look at these three tiers of design at the same time, then you can be sure that your designs succeed because there, you can avoid mistakes that most architects might make without the ability to see all three designs at the same time.

In other words, by looking at existing, demolished, and renovated plans at the same time, you can benefit from looking at the work of architecture (and sometimes, art) through various stages of the architectural design cycle.

In so doing, you can compare and contrast builds, as well as the intermediary stage where you carefully plan any necessary demolition to go from original mode to renovation mode.

I hope this makes sense. Usually, errors are caused by having multiple drawings, and thus, not being sure of which drawing is accurate for the moment.

When you work in Renovation Mode, you avoid such errors, because you don’t have to worry about editing multiple documents at the same time.

With Renovation Mode, you can edit three phases of architectural design at the same time, by pulling up the original document, planning the careful demolition required for the changes, and then establishing the architecture for the renovated plans.

There are few if any other architectural software with this sort of functionality. Because of Renovation Mode, AutoCAD is recommended very highly.

AutoCAD Walls, Doors & Windows

The image shows the architectural possibilities of doors and windows.

With the Architectural Toolset, you have a time-saving feature with AutoCAD that focuses on walls, doors, & windows.

This feature is very important. The feature allows you to create documents and drawings using specific elements that rely on real-world behavior and construction as well.

There are three primary AutoCAD architecture styles that are worthy of consideration in this section:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Door/Window Assemblies

Notably, the name of a door style should recall as much information about the door material and construction, and the door itself, as possible.

AutoCAD makes it possible to be enormously creative with your doors, windows, and doors/windows assemblies, being sure to fit your architecture within established parameters so that your design is buildable.

That’s why I recommend buying AutoCAD so highly.

AutoCAD Design & Documentation

The image shows designs and documentation to complement the text.

AutoCAD is also very fast when it comes to design and documentation.

There is so much documentation work to be done when designing a structure of importance (and all structures are important, and not only to the architect).

If there could ever be a moment of vagueness, where things in your design are not exactly clear, or where there could be a margin of error on interpretation by builders, construction, or lead architects, then you will benefit from the tools available on AutoCAD.

AutoCAD’s design and documentation tools make it easy for you to “over-document” your work, making very clear your explanations and expectations for your structure.

Importantly, it must be noted that more documentation is far more preferable than less documentation.

There needs to be specificity when describing your building and structure details, so that there is no error of interpretation between architect, design, and builder.

You want you architects, design team, and builders to be on the same page, about everything related to the design and build of your project.

AutoCAD’s documentation abilities coexist gracefully with the design software, giving you the clarity of explanation that you need be sure that when your team is ready to build, your builders will know exactly what to do.

AutoCAD has a lot of sophistication in the Detail Component tools, making sure that you are able to give as much detail as is required, and more, to your structure drafts, with plenty of documentation.

The important thing to remember about these specialized toolsets is that they save the architect so much time.

When you have saved your time, then you can design, architect, and move towards build much faster than you would have previously thought possible.

Your AutoCAD software for architecture allows you to move at a much faster timetable than before.

For this reason, I believe that AutoCAD is the best software for architects, because AutoCAD saves so much time.

AutoCAD Room Documentation Saves So Much Time For Your Architecture

The Roombook feature is very important to the completion of your architecture works on AutoCAD, and more quickly especially.

Roombook calculates visible surfaces through the use of algorithims.

Why is this important, and how does it help my architecture to be more successful?

As an example, if you are standing in a room and want to calculate how much plaster is required for an interior finish, then the Roombook feature of AutoCAD assists you by applying its algorithm to help you make the most accurate calculation possible.

Anywhere there is an opening in a door, ceiling or floor, there will be an automatic detection through the Roombook feature, letting you get the straight answer on material requirements for your build.

Roombook can be applied during the design phase of a project, and can help your documentation be very complete and well-annotated.

Roombook by AutoCAD can also be applied during the build phase, though you want to be well-prepared rather than using Roombook last-minute.

Roombook can additionally be applied for renovations, as obviously, when you replace a wall, ceiling, or floor, then you will need to re-calculate the available space for your materials, so you know how much to buy, and how much to apply.

When you apply Roombook by AutoCAD to your architectural designs, you benefit from very precise annotations regarding the sort of materials that benefit, but mostly how much material to use.

When you consider the three-dimensionality of applying materials to various surfaces in a given architectural and building environment, then AutoCAD’s Roombook feature is so important for your architecture.

Importantly, it should be noted that Roombook on AutoCAD saves you so much time with your work, because of Roombook’s ability to make quick calculations that otherwise might have cost you hours of labor.

Rather than wasting away hours of labor on your calculations, AutoCAD’s Roombook lets you apply the calculation feature very quickly, so that you may spend the majority of your time on your creativity in design and architecture.

AutoCAD Has So Many Specialized Toolsets To Keep Your Designs Moving Quickly

AutoCAD comes with so many specialized toolsets that I have not yet mentioned. I will briefly mention more now.

Obviously, the Architectural Toolset I just mentioned will cause plenty of good work in your designs, and faster too.

There is also an Electrical Toolset.

This Electrical Toolset by AutoCAD is genius.

The Electrical Toolset allows you to map, plan, and prepare for an electrical controls system.

Every major property has sophisticated electrical needs.

The same can be said for houses, apartment complexes, and mixed commercial-residential.

No matter what your architectural designs, there will always be important electrical needs.

AutoCAD handles the electrical needs with the Electrical Toolset, saving you valuable time as you accomplish your architectural design objectives far faster and more proficiently than you would otherwise expect.

There is also a Mechanical Toolset.

The Mechanical Toolset offers a suite of mechanical engineering options, including over 700,000 intelligent parts and features.

While the number may seem overwhelming, the concept is that the depth and breadth of AutoCAD is unparalleled.

When you use AutoCAD, you may have some sophisticated mechanical engineering requirements.

The Mechanical Toolset, that is so detailed, will give you the tools in your hand to get the mechanical engineering done very quickly, and to standards of industry that put you on the leading edge of architecture and engineering.

There is also a MEP Toolset that includes Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing at the same time.

The MEP Toolset allows you to draft, design, and annotate (document) building systems for all three on one document.

The MEP Toolset is so fast, and lets you work so well and quickly, because of the remarkable abilities to document Mechanical needs, Electrical needs, and Plumbing needs with incredible accuracy and precision.

There is a Map 3D Toolset.

The Map 3D Toolset lets you make 3D renderings based on your nearby buildings and scenery.

The nearby buildings show up in perfect 3D as well.

You can also access topographical data, making sure that everything is marked clearly based on topography.

There is a Raster Design Toolset.

Raster Design lets you touch up images of your work, making remarkable improvements to your work to ensure that the images of your building and environment are of the highest quality.

And, there is a Plant 3D Toolset.

The Plant 3D Toolset gives you the ability to work on advanced industrial designs, including creating P&IDs, 3D models, and facilitate piping orthographics and isometrics. The Plant 3D Toolset, found in AutoCAD, truly reveals the limitless abilities of the software.

With AutoCAD, you get your work done very quickly, and very fast.

With your designs of the highest quality as well, AutoCAD thus ranks easily as the number one architectural software available today.

Why Buy AutoCAD. Because AutoCAD Is Mobile And Goes With You.

AutoCAD is such an important architecture software because it allows you to work from anywhere, with web apps and mobile apps that keep your designs fresh and interesting everywhere you go.

The beauty of AutoCAD is that AutoCAD is mobile. Thus, AutoCAD moves with you, wherever you want to get your architectural design work done.

With AutoCAD, you can sign-in on the AutoCAD website, and work from the AutoCAD web app.

Much like other web apps, the AutoCAD web app lets you work on AutoCAD, including from your very own designs, from any computer.

This allows the AutoCAD user to be very mobile.

With the ability to work from any computer with an Internet connection, architects and designers can truly work on their architecture from anywhere.

And that convenience is hard to come by anywhere else in the architecture world.

AutoCAD also has a mobile app that can be downloaded from any smartphone, including iPhone and Android smartphones.

With an AutoCAD mobile app, architects can update designs and drawings with their smartphone, whether on the way to a meeting, on vacation, or in transit.

The AutoCAD mobile app lets you upload files, edit files, and create files, right from your smartphone.

There is nothing like being able to do your architectural designs right from your phone.

There is so much value in keeping AutoCAD mobile.

When you have a mobile app such as AutoCAD mobile app, then you are always one finger touch away from success.

The AutoCAD mobile app gives you so much ability, so much access, so much artistry.

When you are an architect, the last thing you want is to be away from your designs.

When you have the AutoCAD mobile app, you have your work in your pocket, and very easily, you can access a computer with internet and get your work printed, updated, and edited without much difficulty.

Finally, when you are mobile with AutoCAD mobile, then you are able to get your beautiful designs updated and edited from anywhere, including when you are on vacation.

Truly, there is nothing like it.

Why Buy AutoCAD. It’s Complex, Like Your Designs.

AutoCAD is worth a purchase because it’s complex, much like your designs.

Some people in architecture are able to produce the most extravagant architectural designs.

A $75 million dollar mansion. A $300 million dollar business complex. A $700 million dollar entertainment complex.

These designs are complex.

These designs are interesting, to be sure, and these designs are also deeply detailed.

There is so much work that goes into designing a mansion, or a business complex, or a skyscraper.

Can you imagine the detail?

There is so much complexity to work with on the AutoCAD software.

You can truly do anything.

AutoCAD is so complex in its own inner architecture to make sure that you can thrive as an architect, no matter the complexity of your designs.

From mansions to skyscrapers and beyond, AutoCAD knows how to deliver superior performance and incredible results for the architect of any level.

To be sure, we are really seeing some incredible designs from the new architects lately.

Some unbelievable complexity of design, just as much as there is unbelievable beauty in what they are accomplishing.

The complexity of AutoCAD allows architects to create designs of great and remarkable complexity themselves.

When AutoCAD can handle everything from Architectural Details to Engineering, to Mechanical, to Plumbing, to Room Calculations, To 3D Rastering, then there is an obvious understanding that AutoCAD is perfectly complex.

And with AutoCAD’s complexity, comes to mind the ability for the modern architect in the 2020 era to design buildings and structures of the most incredible complexity and beauty.


That being said, there might be some trepidation to handle a software with so much complexity.

The concept is that there is actually, in spite of the complexity of AutoCAD, an ease of use that is mostly surprising and very great.

AutoCAD’s ease of use rivals its complexity.

That is to say, no matter how complex AutoCAD may be, the complexity of AutoCAD is matched by AutoCAD’s ease of use.

At every turn, there is a walk through, and guided tours, if you will, that show you how to use the software most proficiently.

As you can imagine, you get much better at AutoCAD with age.

Not trying to sound controversial, you can gain so much in life from experience.

And the more you use AutoCAD, the better you get at the incredible software with complexity and ease of use to match.

AutoCAD allows you to do every aspect of the architecture of a house, a mansion, an apartment complex, a commercial property, or a skyscraper.

These projects take a lot of labor.

That said, the complexity of the AutoCAD software is as forgiving as it is perfect.

There is so much course-correcting in AutoCAD, that it’s very easy to do the job right, and hard to do the job wrong.

As an architect myself, I learned that when there is something in AutoCAD that you don’t yet understand, you just learn another aspect of architecture at the broad level, and next thing you know, you are able to do that section of the project on AutoCAD.

Whether designing a house or a skyscraper, your AutoCAD software sees you through because of its ease of use, an ease of use that mirrors its complexity.

For example, AutoCAD’s designer and maker Autodesk features an incredible resource called Autodesk University, both online and offline.

With Autodesk University online, any aspect of Autodesk products, such as AutoCAD, that have been giving you some challenge in your use of them, any aspect gets covered, such that you know how to use the software, with proficiency, and ease of use too.

Autodesk University has a library filled with extensive resources designed to supply your mind with knowledge related to Autodesk products, such as AutoCAD.

Autodesk University has so many resources for the aspiring architect who wants some internal support for AutoCAD.

Autodesk University features demos, recorded webinars, lectures, and industry talks, all that improve your knowledge related to architecture and using software such as AutoCAD.

Some articles can guide you on more proficiency with AutoCAD.

Some Autodesk University lectures assist you to understand details and nuances of industries that you may be designing for.

Some demos are from internal team members on the AutoCAD product team, teaching you how to use AutoCAD with best practices.

Importantly, Autodesk University is a Conference hosted every year in Las Vegas, where the best architects, designers, experts, engineers, and design-build geniuses show up in Las Vegas to talk about everything to do with Autodesk software – and as you can expect, as the fathers of AutoCAD, Autodesk is a very powerful company.

There is also an Autodesk Knowledge Network filled with more than a million contributions from partners, Autodesk, and the Autodesk community, where you can get any and every question related to your AutoCAD experience handled with an appropriate and timely answer.

AutoCAD Is Complex, Collaborate With AutoCAD

Finally, the complexity of AutoCAD sometimes requires teams.

That’s when you want collaboration between architects.

When you want collaboration, then AutoCAD surprises you with yet another important feature: collaboration tools.

Let’s take a brief look at the collaboration tools of AutoCAD, right now.

AutoCAD has many collaboration tools designed to make your workday easier, more productive, and better at design.

One such collaboration tool is called the Share Design View tool.

With the Share Design View tool, you get to do quick shares of files with colleagues and bosses.

The feature is so helpful in architecture, where time is limited and the quick share is the tool of the best.

Another collaboration tool is called A360 Desktop Sync, available when you buy AutoCAD.

With the A360 Desktop Sync, you are able to sync your files to the cloud with much greater ease.

And a third collaboration tool is called A360 Drive, an architect’s online storage site that lets anyone access any file upon upload.

With these collaborative tools, AutoCAD sets itself apart as the design standard and collaboration standard for architects in the professional world today.

Why Buy AutoCAD? AutoCAD’s Great For Architects.

AutoCAD is inherently great for architects.

This fine architectural software that so many architects rely on is a superlative, exciting, high-performance software that stands the test of time and succeeds for millions of architects around the world.

Architects rely on AutoCAD to design houses and homes, homes that families will live in over the course of generations.

AutoCAD is an architect’s best resource, helpful in the design and architecture of now hundreds of thousands of structures around the world, if not more.

When an architect enters university for the first time, AutoCAD is ready to assist that student on his or her dream adventure of architecture and design.

Many architects are using AutoCAD while in university.

Some architects like to start with AutoCAD LT, a lighter version of AutoCAD that still contains many, many features.

Others like to start with Revit.

All of these are made by Autodesk and are thus trusted.

When in university, it’s important to begin establishing a portfolio of designs.

Houses, mansions, commercial, mixed-use, industrial.

Of course, also skyscrapers.

When you have a strong portfolio of designs, that’s when you are on the fast-track to getting hired in the field of architecture.

All of these designs can be done, and in my recommendation should be done on AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is by far the best architecture software on the market.

AutoCAD is the standard architectural software used by architectural firms nationwide, and globally.

When you use AutoCAD, you fit in with globally renowned architects around the nation and world.

When you are hired as an architect, it is important to have your own version of AutoCAD for your own projects.

Keep in mind, your work portfolio might not be available for future assignments or job applications.

Thus, while you are an established architect, it continues to be important to have your own AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is great for architects.

AutoCAD is an architect’s dream, his or her best hope for a bright career, for when you use AutoCAD, you achieve.

When you use AutoCAD, you inspire.

When you use AutoCAD, you achieve greatness.

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