There are so many people who should buy AutoCAD.

AutoCAD, such an important architecture and design software, is changing the world on a constant basis, because of the ability of architects and engineers to deliver incredible design results through the AutoCAD software.

Here’s who should buy AutoCAD:

  • Architects starting an architecture firm.

Architects who are starting an architecture firm will love AutoCAD, and must buy many copies of AutoCAD!

Essentially, every architect, draftsman, engineer, design&build expert, etc., must have AutoCAD on their computer.

These future employees will benefit your firm greatly if they are using AutoCAD much of the time.

Because AutoCAD is the pre-eminent architecture software, AutoCAD is the standard of excellence in architecture.

Your firm must have AutoCAD as your firm’s standard for your firm to thrive and succeed in today’s competitive economy.

I congratulate you on making it this far on your journey to found your own architecture firm.

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  • Students of architecture.

Students of architecture must, I mean must, absolutely, have their copy of AutoCAD, on their computer.

Architecture is a study of durability, functionality, and beauty.

Architecture is also a study of structure. The structures that stand the test of time and last the longest are the best structures, possibly.

Why is this relevant to students of architecture?

To be honest, architecture students are just students…

Until you purchase your version of AutoCAD. After you have AutoCAD on your laptop, that’s when you are an architect.

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  • Graduates of Architecture Programs.

Graduates of architecture programs should definitely purchase AutoCAD.

When you are a graduate of an architecture program, for example, the Bachelor of Architecture (BArch), then you must add AutoCAD to your collection of software.

What’s more, if you already own an older version of AutoCAD, then you must really upgrade your AutoCAD to today’s version for the affordable price of just $120 / month (that’s for the 3 Year Subscription).

After your graduation with a degree in architecture, you should make the investment in yourself – your first investment in yourself as a professional in the real world.

That investment should be for a 3 Year Subscription to AutoCAD. For one thing, your next three years of professional architecture will be covered, as you will have AutoCAD at the professional level the entire time.

What’s more interesting is that with your 3 Year Subscription to AutoCAD, you have the ability to create professional designs that you can apply for your portfolio, as well as potentially sell to investors. There is always someone out there looking for a bright young architect with a chip on their shoulder and a design ethos worth investing in.

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  • New Architects.

New architects are really important to the industry of architecture.

These new architects frequently have surmounting talent.

These new architects are very good at one thing – AutoCAD.

When a new architect is good at AutoCAD, he or she is able to set himself apart in his industry, as appropriate, and make a good impression on the CEO.

New architects want to make the point that AutoCAD is in their knowledge wheelhouse.

With that said, we also want new architects on Revit, too. The whole Architecture + Engineering Package from Autodesk really is the best case scenario when we hire someone for a new firm, or an experienced firm as well. Period.

That’s why we really want new architects to have a full understanding of AutoCAD, and also Revit, and Civil 3D, as well as Insight, Recap Pro, and 3DS MAX for 3D modeling, and advanced rendering and design visualization.

Therefore, new architects need to not only own Autodesk’s Architecture + Engineering Package, these new architects must also be experienced with the software as well.

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  • Experienced Architects.

Experienced architects are encouraged to be AutoCAD experts. At the same time, their real-world experience gives them a lens that allows them to earn a higher paycheck.

Of course, there are architects of experience who have figured out that the world expects some to rise to the top, and earn millions of dollars for their architecture.

Why not join the pack of high achievers?

Some are tempted to leave their job, but this would be terrible advice.

Don’t ever look a gift-horse in the mouth. What does that mean? Never leave your job. Ever.

A job is physical life security. The only security after leaving a job behind is your savings, and then your parents. That’s a thin line. Thus, a job is so crucial for an experienced architect.

Thus, the experienced architects want to be very sound and experienced with AutoCAD, as well as Revit and 3DS Max. Certainly, the experienced architect should not be afraid to branch out and try both AutoCAD and Revit, because the whole world of architecture does rely very much these days on specialized skillsets in every wheelhouse.

There is a lot of hope for the experienced architect.

Including those that want to venture on to their own architectural firm.

That’s a great idea when you have the money and physical and financial security.

In the mean time, do a strong job when at work, and always deliver the best – the very best – you are able to deliver.

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  • High Schools.

Many high schools are beginning to have relatively advanced media centers.

For example, some high schools have much more than a computer lab. These times, they have really sophisticated stuff, such as a NASA wing for aerospace engineering, or an Architecture Lab.

For those high schools that are high achieving, and that want their students to simply thrive in the world upon graduation, then AutoCAD is a highly recommended software for the young student.

While we may expect there to be some issues with maturity, including amongst the popular crowd, Architecture Labs are interesting venues because students that thrive with the architecture software known as AutoCAD, or Revit, will do very well in potential architecture careers in the future.

There is no limitation to the abilities of students these days.

When a high school student has the ability to build some designs with AutoCAD, the world becomes a more open and interesting place.

Architecture has been one of our greatest gifts to the world for the last several hundreds of years.

When a high school student has the opportunity to demonstrate prowess with AutoCAD and thus architecture, then the whole world thrives.

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  • Universities.

Universities are an obvious win location for people looking to buy AutoCAD.

What I mean to say is that universities should definitely own lots of AutoCAD.

There are so many students who have an interest in architecture.

There are also of course so many students who are in Architecture School.

These students deserve to have the best resources available to them with their Architecture School.

And as such, I recommend that these universities have AutoCAD in their portfolio of software available to every student, especially every student that studies architecture.

If you study architecture, then AutoCAD is a must-have and a must-use in the first place.

But if you don’t study architecture specifically, you might continue to benefit greatly from the use of AutoCAD to a significant extent.

I highly recommend thusly that universities have a lot of computer space with AutoCAD – each university in America, to be honest – probably in the hundreds of computers per university at the very minimum with AutoCAD on the computer.

Keep in mind, the subscription is for 3 years – the subscription, that is, with the best deal – just $120 / month.

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  • Graduate Programs.

Graduate programs at universities everywhere in the United States of America should definitely invest in hundreds of subscriptions of AutoCAD per year.

Students in Architectural Studies programs are well served by having so many campus resources available to them – including, AutoCAD on campus computers available to all.

Graduate programs may also benefit from AutoCAD, including when the graduate programs are only tangentially related to Architecture.

AutoCAD is one of those ubiquitous software that always makes the student more intelligent and think smarter and better. Therefore, it makes sense to have AutoCAD in your University’s Graduate Program for the concept of making your students more intelligent when it comes to structure.

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  • Parents Of Architects.

If you are the parent of an architect, then give the gift this year of AutoCAD – the best and most important architecture software for their employment on the market.

AutoCAD is the software of choice for every architect in the modern world.

AutoCAD is the pre-eminent choice that gets the job done, and right, and with the right designs, and keeps you hired.

When you purchase AutoCAD for your son or daughter, you are ensuring that you have appropriately invested in your son’s or daughter’s career.

That’s mega-important.

When you invest in your son or daughter, and especially in their career, then your son or daughter feels reinforced, and stronger, and thus has more confidence to complete the relevant tasks to making it to the top, or at least, to the next level.

Buy your son or daughter a copy of AutoCAD, or especially the Autodesk Architecture & Engineering Collection, and you will be named parent of the year by your son or daughter.

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