The image shows architecture at night.

In the first part of this guide, we talked about why it is so crucial to buy AutoCAD.

Buy AutoCAD for $1775 here.

Now, in the second part of this guide, let’s look at where you can buy AutoCAD, based on online location and place.

Autodesk.com is the number-one destination for buying AutoCAD.

Autodesk is a company based in San Rafael, California. Autodesk is also listed on the NASDAQ as one of the FORTUNE 1000 companies. Apparently, there are a lot of designers out there – designers, architects, builders, etc. – that use AutoCAD. That statement goes without saying. Autodesk is a very big, and very popular company.

Buy AutoCAD at Autodesk.com – it’s easy.

When you get to Autodesk.com, you see clearly that AutoCAD is very important to its manufacturer, Autodesk.com.

AutoCAD is what many might call a primary product.

AutoCAD is right in the center of three collections prepared for you by Autodesk:

  • Product Design & Manufacturing Collection (contains AutoCAD)
  • Architecture, Engineering, & Construction Collection (contains AutoCAD)
  • Media & Entertainment Collection

Scroll down, and AutoCAD is the first product offered with a price just underneath the primary image (to the left). AutoCAD, the first and best choice for design software, is easily findable as well by choosing from the Products tab, or by doing a web search. After you scroll down, you can see AutoCAD to the left.

You have three options there:

  1. Learn more
  2. Free Trial
  3. Subscribe

Learn More.

With the “Learn more” module, you get a detailed product overview. Learn about pricing. Learn about product details. Learn about AutoCAD features and benefits.

There is so much information about AutoCAD that you might want to have, straight from the software developer.

Autodesk headquarters showed here.

Therefore, clicking “Learn more” makes a lot of sense as you can really learn about the product and make a decision about why this product, AutoCAD, is so important for you.

Importantly, you also get the Free Trial and Subscribe buttons on this page, so you can sign up for AutoCAD.

It is important to note: The Subscribe Option is the Autodesk “Word” for “Purchase” With AutoCAD and Other Products.

In the above section, where you Learn more, you get some really cool features – learning about “What is AutoCAD”, seeing a video about “What’s New in AutoCAD 2020”, and learning how to “Work Faster with Specialized Toolsets”.

After you have clicked on the Learn more tab, the important thing to do when you want to buy AutoCAD is to click on “Subscribe”. The “Subscribe” option is your Purchase Button with AutoCAD.

The last thing you should worry about is money, and thus, the subscription defaults to one payment per 365 days. That’s a friendly gift, because by this time next year, you’ll be a totally different architect, and ready for an upgrade anyway.

See how easy it is to purchase AutoCAD? All you need to do is search for the name of the product, or pull up the products tab, and then choose AutoCAD. Click AutoCAD to the left of the screen, and then let your imagination run wild.

Free Trial.

With AutoCAD, you can quickly and easily sign up for a Free Trial. You can click on Free Trial from the homepage, or you can go to the Product Page for AutoCAD to sign up for the free trial. The Free Trial of AutoCAD is very enticing, because you can use this most important product for a full 30 days without any payment required. Just a valid credit card is all you need.

There are a lot of designs that you can get done in under 30 days. You can design a residence, such as a house or a mansion, if you are very skilled in AutoCAD, sometimes in under 30 days.

Thus, the Free Trial is very popular.

At the same time, a lot of more advanced designs might take more time.

If you are designing something that might take some time, then AutoCAD’s Free Trial option might be a great way for you to get some experience with AutoCAD, before making your choice about going ahead with a purchase (e.g. Subscribe).

That being said, this section is about where to buy AutoCAD.

So the assumption is that you want to buy AutoCAD at this point. If you need some convincing, simply choose “WHY BUY AUTOCAD?” from the menu of options, and you can get a ton of fascinating information that will help you make an intelligent buying decision. Obviously, the intelligent choice is Subscribing (Buying) To AutoCAD.

The 30 day Free Trial is a magnificent offer for architects. You can get a lot accomplished in 30 days.

Some experienced professionals could find themselves designing a house, and they might be nearly done when they are reaching the 30 day limit.

The concept is that when you sign up for a 30 day Free Trial, you also leave your Credit Card information, so that after the 30 days, you can accept the full subscription to AutoCAD (a.k.a. the purchase), or you could simply make a quick phone call to AutoCAD and Autodesk.com, to make sure that you already have what you need.

The Free Trial is a fantastic offer for architects and engineers that are still diving into the software, and still learning about the fantastic suite of tools that AutoCAD supplies.

If you are a young architect, in your 20s, or 30s, then perhaps the Free Trial is right for you.

For those of you who are in architectural school, the Free Trial might be perfect. Just be sure to have your credit card handy so that in the event you like the software, you get billed afterwards and you get to keep your AutoCAD for an entire year.

A reminder: AutoCAD is the most important software there is for architects. It is mandatory for architects to know AutoCAD when you apply to work for architectural firms such as Perkins+Will. For that reason, I really recommend you just buy AutoCAD (e.g., Subscribe to AutoCAD and experience AutoCAD’s benefits).

The alternative, of course, is to Subscribe to AutoCAD one year at a time, and truly make the most of your architecture.


AutoCAD is also available for immediate purchase on Autodesk.com. All you need to do is find “AutoCAD” and then click “Subscribe”. Then, you sign up for a subscription to AutoCAD, preferably for a year at a time or more.

The concept is that you want to have the software and not have to worry about whether the software of AutoCAD is up-to-date. That’s why the year-long subscription to AutoCAD is such an intelligent purchase. When you have AutoCAD for a year, then you benefit from the entire gamut of the software, without spending money more than one time.

Therefore, Autodesk built AutoCAD to be updated over time.

AutoCAD is an evolving software. I recall using AutoCAD when I was a younger adult, and the software has changed and improved significantly since then. Obviously, there are some major functionalities that are still somewhat similar.

Yet the look and feel of AutoCAD has changed dramatically since 10 years ago with AutoCAD. Truly, the software has evolved with the industry, to the industry best practices of today and tomorrow. No matter what the best practices are of architecture in that given year, AutoCAD will be a decade ahead of the game.

The image shows a beautiful contemporary home at night.

Such news is very exciting to architects. Architects love to have the latest in gear, attire, tech, and of course, architecture software. That’s why you are reading this guide. Because you are an architect with a lot to do and a strong will to design the best on the paper and on the CAD.

Architects definitely like the concept that AutoCAD is so relevant today. Yet the AutoCAD available for purchase today is far superior to the AutoCAD of yesterday, which then was also the best architecture software available for sale on the market, too.

It is so important to have the latest AutoCAD.

For this purpose, Autodesk has created an AutoCAD that continuously updates over time, as the genius software developers of Autodesk make consistent improvements to AutoCAD.

With this concept in mind, AutoCAD purchases now standardly are available for a subscription, in the realm of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies that include Microsoft.

The overarching theme is that AutoCAD renews regularly at one-payment-per-year, and thus, you don’t need to worry about restocking your digital shelves with AutoCAD every time there is an update. The yearly or monthly subscription (interestingly, a three year subscription also applies) works so well that there is no gap between one year and the next.

There is a seamless experience when using AutoCAD and when renewing AutoCAD for more than a year at a time. All you do is pay at the specified interval (usually a year) and your AutoCAD experience continues uninterrupted.

What’s better, the updates that constantly upgrade AutoCAD are always there for you.

Have Your Credit Card Ready On Autodesk.com.

When you are ready to Subscribe to AutoCAD, or accept a 30 day Free Trial, then be sure to have your Credit Card ready.

AutoCAD is a purchase reserved for any and all architects, but certainly, the best architects, like yourself will all use AutoCAD proudly.

AutoCAD is essentially a required software in the world of architecture, especially at architecture firms. Every single architecture firm in the modern world uses AutoCAD, I would wager. And what’s more, the software is as advanced as the skyscrapers, complexes, and mansions of the future.

Thus, be sure to have your credit card ready and click to access the AutoCAD buying page on Autodesk.com.

After you reach the AutoCAD buying page, you click on “Subscribe” and choose your subscription term.

The most popular subscription term is 1 year at a time.

There is also a subscription term for monthly. At an easy monthly cost, you rest easy while your AutoCAD and architecture, that go hand in hand, run smoothly.

There is also a subscription term of 3 years. When you subscribe to AutoCAD for 3 years, you pay a little bit more up front, but at the same time, you are closed in the payment cycle without having to pay any more money than the current price.

You have made a choice by coming to this web site – the choice to buy AutoCAD.

Now you have learned that buying AutoCAD is as easy as a Subscription – just like subscribing to Sports Illustrated or People.

Here’s what it’s all about:

Being the best architect in the room, in any room you’re in, period.

That’s what you want.

You want to be the best architect on green Earth.

You want to be the best architect in the firm.

The architect that’s called for the major assignment with the new client with just 24 hours to wow them.

The architect that’s that trusted.

With AutoCAD, you get to be that architect.

But that’s forward of me.

When you have your credit card ready to make your AutoCAD purchase, a credit card that should now be in your hand in preparation of your click to Autodesk.com, then you are as an architect that builds a house first on paper and then on screen, with windows and doors firmly shut and closed.

Buy AutoCAD.

Because to buy AutoCAD is to position yourself as the foremost architect for whatever you do best.

Some architects thrive at structure.

Some architects thrive at interior design.

Some architects thrive at renovation.

The point is that, architects thrive.

You thrive with AutoCAD installed on your computer, whether Mac or PC.

And you thrive with your best work on display in front of the world.

So get your credit card out and prepare to buy.

With AutoCAD, you get so much value with every purchase.

I on one occasion actually sold a work of architecture, and by the way a work of art as well, to a wealthy man in the United States, for a 7 figure sum.

I did all of the work on AutoCAD.

Because of this purchase, my career was made, and I achieved a lot of success as an architect.

Can you imagine how much AutoCAD is worth to me?

Easily, $100,000.

When you know you are going to sell or commission a work of architecture for a multi-million dollar fee, then you would gladly purchase AutoCAD for six figures – or five figures, more easily.

Cost of doing business.

No worries.

Of course you don’t have to worry about such a price. This is the modern world. AutoCAD is sold for a mere $1,610 per year.

That’s a standard price of doing business for most architects. About 1.5% of your salary. A fair amount for a junior or senior architect.

And border-line free for an architect able to commission their work and start an architectural firm.

Of course, nothing is free in life. Not including all of those architectural toolsets included in AutoCAD, included at zero extra cost.

At the same time, time is of the essence.

You see, AutoCAD asks you to purchase in a simple subscription model.

You sign up, and your credit card pays one time per year. Easy as 1-2-3.

When you have your credit card out, go on and visit the AutoCAD web site on Autodesk, and make an easy purchase.

That’s what you call a peaceful, easy feeling.

Now that you have your credit card ready, visit www.autodesk.com.

Follow the simple instructions to click on “Architecture”, “Products”, or “Product Design”, and scroll down until you see the name “AutoCAD”.

Then, all you do is click “SUBSCRIBE” and next thing you know you will have created your account and prepare yourself – now you get to download AutoCAD!

That’s the power of architecture.

AutoCAD is for architects. And designers.

Buy AutoCAD at www.autodesk.com, right now.

Buy AutoCAD at Autodesk.com – it’s affordable.

Why buy AutoCAD? AutoCAD is the #1 CAD software for architects. You can buy AutoCAD at Autodesk.com. Buy AutoCAD any time of year, or during the holiday season when there are great Black Friday and Christmas deals. AutoCAD is made for architects. Alternatives to AutoCAD include Revit, a 3D building modeling software from Autodesk.com, where there are great resources. AutoCAD is a great deal at $1,610 / year. This web site does contain affiliate links. Buy AutoCAD. Buy the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.