AutoCAD is an architecture and design software that surpasses all competitors.

AutoCAD is unparalleled in its ability to help you make designs and architecture that outcompete, over-perform, and over-achieve.

AutoCAD, in its core, is a software of Computer Aided Design.

Bottom Line: With AutoCAD, you are able to leverage the sophistication of computers to design things – mansions, apartments, skyscrapers, etc. – far more complicated than what the average or above-average draftsman could ever accomplish.

AutoCAD is relied on by architects, engineers, and construction professionals for the creation of precise 2D and later 3D renderings and drawings.

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AutoCAD focuses on architecture and design better than any other competitor.

With AutoCAD, you are able to architect and design structures and interiors (and renovations) that few would be able to do with the pen of a draftsman.

Architecture is a field of industry that has so many new entrants every year.

In the early 1st century AD, a Roman architect named Vitruvius determined that architecture should have the qualities of:

  • Durability – your architecture should stand the test of time
  • Utility – your architecture should function appropriately
  • Beauty – your architecture should look and feel beautiful

With so many new entrants to architecture every year, and with so many architects getting one year older and improving in the ranks, the field of architecture is as strong as ever.

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Architecture is a field that dominates the globe – every type of civilization has architecture, from Western, to North American, to South American, to European, to Australian, to Asian, and more.

The whole world is proudly represented by the great buildings of the world, designed by the best architects the world has ever known.

Today’s architects have a differentiated advantage to past architects. Aside from a more rigorous curriculum at the most important architecture schools in the nations, today’s architects also have Computer-Assisted Design Software – Software that lets architects do far more, much more quickly, with much more talent – this software is called AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is the software that architects around the world rely on to design, architect, build, and construct the best buildings in the world today.

Of course, modern architectural history would say that some of the most impressive architecture of the past must always be considered the best, for this architecture accomplished what no one else had done before.

In the same way, the future might look at our architecture and say, how noble and bold – but mean somehow that their architecture is far superior.

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That’s an interesting concept – consistent upgrades in superiority.

AutoCAD is just like that – getting upgraded into consistent superiority every time.

AutoCAD is a terrific software – the best there is.

When you want a software for architecture and design, AutoCAD outcompetes as the best architecture software on the market.

If there were ever an alternative to AutoCAD, there is also Revit – made by Autodesk, Revit focuses on Building Information Modeling, an advanced and necessary level of architecture.

In my opinion, AutoCAD and Revit go hand in hand, and complement each other.

The difference is that AutoCAD focuses on both 2D and 3D modeling (similar to AutoCAD LT, in that the LT does not have the 3D modeling of AutoCAD).

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Here’s what AutoCAD really is…

A software that’s a pathway to riches, success, fortune, and honor.

AutoCAD is a software that architects want to have to achieve their greatness.

AutoCAD gives you the freedom to create your designs and the structures of your dreams.

How is this software so versatile?

AutoCAD is very truly a gateway towards a life of riches, success, and prestige.

Architects prosper like nothing else with AutoCAD, because the software is the first software that lets you design a skyscraper, an office building, or a mansion (a home) with so much detail, complexity, and beauty, and also plenty of function in a beautiful, modern, futuristic form that lasts for the duration.

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How much AutoCAD am I allowed to buy?

Obviously, you want to get a good deal on AutoCAD…

What if I told you that the best deal is all the way to the RIGHT of the PAGE where you SUBSCRIBE?!?

When you think about how valuable AutoCAD is to an architect, paying $120 a month (I’ve got a major discount) for the premium version doesn’t seem that far-fetched – but you don’t have to worry about that price, I’ve got the price down to just $120 / month.

What if I told you that the best deal is only $120 / month, rather than $200 a month…

Or worse, $500 / a month! (no worries, the deal is only $120 / month)

I have a source within Autodesk, the company that builds AutoCAD, that says that if you buy the 3 Year Subscription of AutoCAD, then you are actually paying only $120 / month, rather than $135 / month with a 1 Year Subscription, or rather than $200 / month on the month-to-month plan.

Obviously, the 3 year deal makes more sense, because then you can keep the price at $120 / month for three years, rather than have the price go up after just 1 year (and you never know when the monthly price could go up with such great features).

That’s obvious to most architects.

So splurge on the 3 year Subscription to AutoCAD, and you will save at least $15 a month for the next 3 years, if not more. To be honest, you could be saving as much as $80 a month from the month-to-month version, which makes far less sense than getting the 3 Year Subscription for just $120 a month (and you pay it all one time, so you don’t have to worry about a payment for another 3 years – great deal – you might be able to include your previous purchase price for future purchases as well.

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The point is that AutoCAD is the best architecture and design software on the market.

It’s the software that lets you build your dreams, architecting structures and interiors that are marked by their greatness.

It’s the software that you must have.

It’s the software that you want to have.

I personally expected AutoCAD to be much more pricey. With all the incredible features that allow the architect to build just about anything, I would have guessed that AutoCAD would be much more expensive.

Instead, at $120 a month, AutoCAD is pre-eminently affordable for any architect, of any level.

A barely noticeable cost that you won’t worry about, while in the end, you will be most grateful for the talent you will have in your hands when you download the AutoCAD software.

Thank you for reading!

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I am personally very impressed with AutoCAD.

AutoCAD allows architects to design incredible structures, the best and most precise drawings and drafts and annotations, and ultimately, the best architecture.

I want you to buy AutoCAD right now because the price could go up tomorrow.

There is only a short window of guarantee that the price to the right of the Subscribe page is going to stay the same.

When the price goes up, you will really want to have AutoCAD in your hands before the price goes up again!

I would take out my credit card right now, and prepare to buy AutoCAD, with the Subscribe button, to the right of the page, for the 3 year Subscription.

That’s the smart approach that makes you the best deal for the best designs, for the best architect.

Buy AutoCAD now.

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I would not wait another second before purchasing AutoCAD.

First and foremost, when I bought AutoCAD, I felt so…


I felt so grateful that I finally had this most incredible software in my hands.

I felt so proud that I could finally call myself an architect.

You may feel like a budding architect already.

But when you get AutoCAD in your hands…

That’s when you feel like an architect – for real.

That’s when you can start with your first designs ever.

That’s when you can start with new designs that can change your career and put you on a direct path toward success.

For that reason, I really recommend buying AutoCAD right now – when you do, you will feel more like a professional ARCHITECT.

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Some people might say that you’d have to be stupid to not purchase AutoCAD.

I don’t mean to upset anyone.

Here’s what I mean…

Making AutoCAD your next purchase might just be the most intelligent thing you ever did.

When you buy AutoCAD, you are going to actually impress your professors or impress your boss.

When you let your peers know that you have bought AutoCAD, they will nod with a note of respect, and also they will see you as more professional – to say nothing of, more attractive. More on that point later.

At the same time, when your boss (or your professor) sees that you have your own version of AutoCAD on your computer, he will feel as though you are more serious about your career than others. This places you on a fast-track to promotion.

A fast-track to being tapped for the designs that count.

And a fast-track towards riches.

Buying AutoCAD is intelligent because of the social feedback that you will receive, on a good note, for having made such an “intelligent” purchase.

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Buying AutoCAD is also an intelligent purchase because of the ability to get higher quality work done.

Everyone in architecture loves the intelligent draftsman, able to whip out his pen or pencil and accomplish the most astounding of drafts in a short amount of time.

But did you know that while there is tremendous value in a draftsman, there also tremendous value (and much more so, by the way) in a CAD’s man!

The men and women of architecture that use AutoCAD are at a distinct advantage relative to other architects.

When you have the modern version of AutoCAD, you actually become higher-value.

You gain quality.

You gain access to higher level people.

You accomplish work that is so much more professional.

Buying AutoCAD is the no-brainer that you want it to be because when you buy AutoCAD, you get to do the work that everyone would praise you for doing.

So buy AutoCAD today. And don’t look back.

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Taking out your credit card is so very important at this time.

Yes, I’ll say it again. You should take your credit card out and prepare to make your AutoCAD purchase.

I understand, buying AutoCAD is one of the major purchases you will make in your architectural career.

It’s also the best purchase you can ever make in architecture.

Hands down, AutoCAD is the purchase that when you make the purchase, you have instantly leveled up as an architect.

With AutoCAD, you instantly upgrade into a world of order and precision, rather than a chaotic and frenetic world before architecture.

Buying AutoCAD is purchasing for just $120 a month a world where you are respected as one of the best architects of your generation.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting any more.

Grab your credit card and make the AutoCAD purchase right now. Your life will instantly change for the better.

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Getting the 3 year Subscription to AutoCAD is the obvious best choice for any aspiring architect.

Why the 3 Year Subscription of AutoCAD really makes your life better:

When you buy the 3 year Subscription of AutoCAD, you are immediately relieved into a position of gratitude and excitement for the future of your career.

When you get the 3 Year Subscription of AutoCAD, you get to make sure that you keep the best version of AutoCAD in your hands, with upgrades included, without having to pay for another 3 years as an architect!

That’s a great deal by anyone’s book. It’s also a strong decision to invest in your future.

Also, the 3 Year Subscription to AutoCAD saves you a lot of money, because it’s only net $120 / month.

If you were trying to get the monthly subscription to AutoCAD, then you would see that for the month to month the great folks at Autodesk are asking $200 a month.

When you get the 1 year subscription, you see the great folks at Autodesk are asking only $135 a month. What a huge deal! Already an improvement.

At the same time, when you get the 3 Year Subscription to AutoCAD, you get AutoCAD for only $120 a month.

It’s simply the best deal.

That’s why I recommend the 3 Year Subscription of AutoCAD so highly.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing about your architectural designs.

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Why buy AutoCAD? AutoCAD is the #1 CAD software for architects. You can buy AutoCAD at Autodesk.com. Buy AutoCAD any time of year, or during the holiday season when there are great Black Friday and Christmas deals. AutoCAD is made for architects. Alternatives to AutoCAD include Revit, a 3D building modeling software from Autodesk.com, where there are great resources. AutoCAD is a great deal at $1,610 / year. This web site does contain affiliate links. Buy AutoCAD. Buy the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.