The benefits of AutoCAD are many. With so many aspiring architects choosing AutoCAD, it’s a certain fact that AutoCAD is the #1 CAD software for architects. Professionals of architecture agree, saying that AutoCAD is by far the most-used CAD software for architects. Let’s take a look at why there are so many benefits of AutoCAD for architects, engineers, product designers, and manufacturers.

What Is AutoCAD? 

Benefits of AutoCADAutoCAD is architecture software, or explained more broadly, design software. 

The CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. 

With AutoCAD, you can design residential homes. 

You can design commercial facilities. 

You can even design municipal buildings. 

Truly, AutoCAD is also used by product designers and manufacturers to prepare products for manufacturing. 

So, AutoCAD has uses beyond architecture. 

AutoCAD is the architect’s tool of choice for embarking on a journey that can lead to a full-time income through a job. 

Some architects prefer to open their own architecture studio. 

For these architects, the sale of AutoCAD begins a story of success. 

Whether you want to work for an architecture firm or you want to start a firm of your own, purchasing AutoCAD is often a first step on the path to architectural success. 

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AutoCAD Benefit 1: 3D Drafting 

Benefits of AutoCAD One of the big benefits of AutoCAD is that you can do drafting in 3D. 

To be sure, you can draft and document your designs in 2D as well. 

The nice part about AutoCAD – one of the benefits of AutoCAD, in other words – is that you can also do your designing and drafting in 3D. 

It’s an incredible thing when you design a building in 3D, and then find that the 2D documentation that you deliver to the builder is prepared for you, instantly. 

AutoCAD lets you design your architecture in 3D, with 2D documentation instantly prepared. 

3D drafting is a complicated experience and requires technical knowledge of AutoCAD to do. 

This is software that takes time to learn. 

We recommend buying AutoCAD while you are still in your architecture studies. 

Then, you can gain knowledge of how to use AutoCAD. 

When you gain this experience, you can then go into real-world projects, and build a portfolio. 

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AutoCAD Benefit 2: Toolkits 

Benefits of AutoCADThe use of AutoCAD comes with various different toolkits that are built by Autodesk, the maker of AutoCAD. 

These toolkits really simplify the workload for the architect. 

You have the Mechanical Toolkit, to handle the mechanical engineering. 

You have the Electrical Toolkit, to handle the electrical engineering. 

You have the Plumbing Toolkit, to handle the plumbing and piping. 

All said, these toolkits make the use of AutoCAD so much easier. 

As you go through the AutoCAD software, it is recommended to explore the toolkits that come with AutoCAD to learn how to make the most of these powerful tools. 

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AutoCAD Benefit 3: Complexity Leads to Incredible Projects 

Benefits of AutoCADAutoCAD is certainly a complex software. 

It takes months to become proficient, and expertise comes after years. 

However, its complexity allows the aspiring architect to design incredible projects that are astounding to the eye. 

Similar to Adobe’s Photoshop, AutoCAD has so many functionalities, and because of this there is so much to learn. 

You will do well to learn the features of AutoCAD through its use. 

When you note all the complex tools available in AutoCAD, you begin to see how you can design the masterful works of architecture that we see today. 

Architecture is a complicated art. 

This requires complicated software. 

So, don’t be afraid to dive in and learn all the functionalities of AutoCAD. 

You’ll be glad you did. 

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AutoCAD Benefit 4: AutoCAD Is Mobile 

Benefits of AutoCADOne of the big requests in this modern-day economy is mobility. 

We want to take our designs on the go, whether in the USB or now, in the cloud. 

We want fast and easy access to our architecture documentation, from anywhere in the world, through Internet access. 

AutoCAD and its designers have factored that in. 

AutoCAD has prepared cloud access to its software, as well as cloud access to files. 

So, it’s easy to get access to your designs from any mobile device. 

This mobility feature makes a big difference for an architect who is headquartered in New York, has a flight to Chicago, and then a presentation in Los Angeles. 

To be sure, the mobility feature and the cloud access have been with Autodesk and AutoCAD for years now.  

It’s comforting to know that when you are on the go, you always have your designs with you. 

And the AutoCAD mobile app is very high-functionality. 

So AutoCAD is mobile, and that means that the mobile architect of today has access to their designs with AutoCAD. 

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What Is The Best Deal of AutoCAD? 

Benefits of AutoCADAutoCAD is not known as an inexpensive architecture software. 

Regardless, AutoCAD is the #1 CAD software for architects. 

The best deal of AutoCAD could have you paying less than $200 a month for the architecture software known as AutoCAD. 

We have heard of AutoCAD as priced from around $1600 – $1800 per year of AutoCAD. 

The best deal is when you purchase AutoCAD for a 3 years subscription, rather than going yearly or monthly. 

Doing this might make sense for those that want to pay as they go, but paying for AutoCAD should be a long-term endeavor, similar to your architecture. 

Most architects aren’t in the field for a month at a time – it’s a decision that impacts the rest of your life. 

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AutoCAD is a computer aided design software that lets you design complicated architecture projects. 

AutoCAD is the standard for architects, and is the most-used architecture software. 

One of the benefits of AutoCAD is the ability to do 3D drafting. 

A second benefit of AutoCAD is the toolkits that come with AutoCAD that help with mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and plumbing. 

A third benefit of AutoCAD is the complexity of the software, allowing you to design more or less any building. 

AutoCAD is affordable for most architects. 

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