A large number of architects ask, “How easy is it to buy AutoCAD?”

The answer will surprise you.

Buying AutoCAD is as easy as visiting Autodesk.com, choosing AutoCAD from the products list, and then buying (also known as subscribing).

Buy AutoCAD right here, right now.

The first step is to make the journey to Autodesk.com.

Autodesk is a Fortune 500 corporation and is the maker of AutoCAD.

At Autodesk.com, you can find all the products  Autodesk sells related to architecture, engineering, construction, product design, and visual CGI.

Choose “Products”, and then find AutoCAD at the top.

After you choose AutoCAD, read the page and then buy AutoCAD by “subscribing” to AutoCAD.

You choose your buying option, from the monthly option ($220 a month) to a yearly option ($1775 a year) to a 3-year option ($4795 for 3 years of AutoCAD).

Then, you choose “Add To Cart” and you make your purchase.

If you are thinking about how easy it is to buy AutoCAD, then now you know how to do it.

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What Are The Features of AutoCAD?

AutoCAD has a bevy of features that make using AutoCAD so worthwhile.

First are the AutoCAD toolsets.

AutoCAD features an Architecture Toolset that is worth its weight in gold.

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The Architecture Toolset features 8,500 objects and styles.

One of those functions is Renovation Mode.

With Renovation Mode, you can look at the original architecture, the demolition of the original architecture, and the replacement architecture in the same window.

This shows you how the renovation differs from the original designs.

Very valuable.

Then, you have a Mechanical Toolset that is of value to mechanical engineers and architects alike.

You have an Electrical Toolset that makes electrical planning a breeze.

You have an MEP Toolset that handles mechanical, electrical, and plumbing at the same time.

Then, you have 2D drafting, drawing, and annotation features.

And, you have 3D modeling and visualization features.

With all these features, the quality of AutoCAD is very high.

If you are ready to shop for AutoCAD, then you will find all these features very valuable.

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AutoCAD vs Revit – Which Is Right For Me?

AutoCAD is obviously a beautiful investment.

At the same time, the makers of AutoCAD also feature another style of architecture software that you might really like.

AutoCAD is CAD software – computer aided design.

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Now, the makers of AutoCAD have released a new version of a different architecture software called Revit.

Revit is BIM software – building information modeling.

Revit starts with conceptual design, though not how you might expect.

Rather than start with 2D drafting, Revit starts with a 3D conceptual design.

As you build your conceptual design, your blueprints change with your 3D modeling.

After design comes visualization, and Revit’s visualization is the best in the industry.

Even more important is analysis.

With Revit, you get detailed statistics about the output of your building, and you can make changes to your model to test getting different results in your analysis.

AutoCAD does have the ability to start with a 3D model and then blueprints adjust as you go, though not to the same extent.

Because of this, I find that Revit is equally valuable to an architect.

I also think that Revit can be an asset to an architect in a number of ways, and thus I recommend that you purchase both AutoCAD and Revit.

Buy AutoCAD here.

Shop for Revit here.

Why AutoCAD Was The Best Investment I Could Make?

AutoCAD was easily my best business investment.

If you factor in how much I made from my architecture projects, I would add it all up to hundreds of dollars per hour.

When you look at the price of AutoCAD ($1775) and divide by 365, you realize that AutoCAD costs only $5 a day.

With my work bringing in hundreds of dollars per hour, AutoCAD was a simple decision.

Buy AutoCAD here.

And I really maxed out AutoCAD.

I started designing a very large building early on, and as I learned more I applied my knowledge to the building – my great project.

Eventually, I got a similar version of my project built, and when your work is built in real life you have a special moment.

AutoCAD was the best investment of my life, and I hope it will be for you too.

Completing a project on AutoCAD is very gratifying.

In addition, contributing to a project on AutoCAD is an interesting experience.

There is a lot of collaboration that occurs when you design on AutoCAD and if you have a good team, then you will succeed.

I love AutoCAD, and I hope that one day you get your chance to make the most out of AutoCAD as I did.

Shop for AutoCAD here.


How easy is it to buy AutoCAD?

Very easy.

It’s a 3 step process to buying AutoCAD.

1. Visit the Autodesk.com website

2. Find AutoCAD from the list of products

3. Add To Cart.

AutoCAD is easy to buy, and you will be very happy with your purchase.

AutoCAD has a number of features that make your life as an architect much easier.

With 8,500 unique features, you can do basically anything with AutoCAD.

Your Architecture Toolset is a very valuable addition to AutoCAD.

Featuring “Renovation Mode”, you can look at your old designs, the new designs, and the changes in between at the same time.

Very valuable.

You have a Mechanical Toolset.

You have an Electrical Toolset.

And many more options.

With all those features, AutoCAD is a powerful software that can design basically anything, from the largest arenas to the smallest residential houses.

AutoCAD has competition in-house from Revit.

Revit is a BIM software.

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling.

In essence, you design your building in 3D and then the 2D blueprints automatically adjust.

There is also very powerful visualization software with Revit, and the resulting visualizations are very realistic.

The analysis feature of Revit lets you get the data, and then you can change your building’s design to achieve better numbers.

I really like Revit, and think you should buy it.

Thank you for reading, and please share this article on social media!

Buy AutoCAD & Buy Revit.

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