Many architecture and engineering firms ask the question, “How do I get an AutoCAD license?”

The best way to get an AutoCAD license is by purchasing a subscription to AutoCAD.

Get your AutoCAD license here.

AutoCAD used to have perpetual licenses, however that got phased out in 2016.

In addition, licenses for AutoCAD are now by subscriber name, rather than by serial number.

Therefore, if you want a license for AutoCAD, you should purchase a subscription here.

Get an AutoCAD license with a purchase of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD costs $1775.

Buy an AutoCAD license here.

What is the difference between an AutoCAD subscription and an AutoCAD license?

There is no real difference between an AutoCAD subscription and an AutoCAD license.

In short, an AutoCAD license is given whenever you purchase an AutoCAD subscription.

AutoCAD works with a subscription business model.

So you subscribe to AutoCAD for the year, and then you renew your subscription the next year.

Why is AutoCAD so expensive?

Similar to a subscription to Architectural Digest, but better and more applicable for your business, an AutoCADsubscription gives you a license to AutoCAD for a year, or even 3 years if you choose.

When you sign up for an AutoCAD subscription, you get an AutoCAD license.

Want an AutoCAD license?

Get an AutoCAD license for $1775 here.

How Much Does An AutoCAD License Really Cost?

As I described in the previous section, an AutoCAD license costs $1775 for a year.

A 3 year AutoCAD license costs $4795.

I love the 3 year license because it saves you $530 when you sign up for 3 years.

AutoCAD is a valuable software.

Worth a lot of money.

Which AutoCAD should I get?

So many people have bought AutoCAD.

AutoCAD costs $1775 for a 1 year license.

The cost is $4795 for a 3 year license.

Buy an AutoCAD license now.

Where Do I Buy An AutoCAD License?

You buy an AutoCAD license from

Autodesk is the maker of AutoCAD.

Based in Silicon Valley, Autodesk is a Fortune 500 corporation worth nearly $100 billion.

Autodesk is the maker of AutoCAD and the maker of Revit.

You can buy an AutoCAD license from Autodesk here for $1775.

You can buy a Revit license from Autodesk here for $2545.

The cost is worth the price because when you have AutoCAD, you can deliver architectural masterpieces as you complete your projects.

So you can buy an AutoCAD license from Autodesk (the maker of AutoCAD) here for $1775.

AutoCAD is available for purchase from

You can sign up for a 1 year or 3 year subscription.

Buy an AutoCAD license for $1775 here.

What Is Better – AutoCAD or Revit?

AutoCAD is a powerful software that architects and engineers use to design and build buildings, products, and design projects.

AutoCAD has seen its share of competition, though I have found that AutoCAD is a far superior design software regardless.

At the same time, the makers of AutoCAD had a need to continue innovating on the topic of architecture software.

As a result, AutoCAD has some competition from its in-house designers.

How much does it cost to buy AutoCAD?

The competition is known as Revit.

Revit is slightly different from AutoCAD in that rather than a CAD software, it’s actually a BIM software.

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling.

With BIM, you get detailed real-time analysis about the output stats of your building during and after your design.

As a result, if find the results not within your liking then you can change your drawings and files, and watch how those changes adjust the data and specs.

Revit is fancy.

Revit has 3D renderings that are as powerful as AutoCAD, and in some cases outperform.

Revit’s 3D modeling power is very fast and vast, and as a result you can present interior and exterior designs to your clients with precision and style.

They will be very impressed.

AutoCAD and Revit are very different, but both have use and applicability for an architecture firm.

I would recommend purchasing both AutoCAD and Revit and then have experts of both at your firm, in order to ensure that you cover all the bases of design build from architecture to engineering to construction.

AutoCAD is my favorite, so I still lean in the direction of AutoCAD, but Revit is very popular and I do believe that any modern day architect benefits from having a subscription to Revit as well.

Revit is $2545.

AutoCAD is $1775.

If you are an architecture firm, you can afford both.

I recommend getting your hands on Revit if you haven’t used it yet, and double your professional abilities.

If you are an AutoCAD architect, then Revit is the best “2nd architecture software” to use to double your professional credentials.

In addition, many believe that Revit is a “1st architecture software” and could outperform AutoCAD in the future.

If you are on a product hunt, then buy AutoCAD for $1775 and buy Revit for $2545.


How do I get an AutoCAD license?

You go to and buy AutoCAD from there.

There, you can buy a 1-year, 3-year, or monthly subscription model.

Most of the people that buy from this blog get a 1-year subscription.

However, the 3-year subscription saves you $500 over a 3-year period.

An AutoCAD subscription is the purchase, and when you make the purchase of an AutoCAD subscription you then receive your AutoCAD license automatically with your subscription.

An AutoCAD license costs $1775.

A Revit subscription costs $2545.

You buy your AutoCAD license from, and get a discount when you click at this link.

AutoCAD does have a competitor, named Revit, made by the makers of AutoCAD.

Unlike AutoCAD, which is a CAD software, Revit is a BIM software.

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling.

As you can imagine, BIM software is heavy on data and analytics, as well as information, and thus you have a lot of data points that you can optimize through Revit to make your designs externally beautiful and internally perfect according to spec.

I recommend both AutoCAD and Revit for the modern-day contemporary architect.

If you already have proficiency in AutoCAD, you will make more money and have a better career if you add Revit to your portfolio.

Architecture firms are the same – Revit is a necessary BIM tool for design, and I recommend that you use both AutoCAD and Revit together.

Buy AutoCAD for $1775.

Buy Revit for $2545.

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