Many aspiring architects and engineers ask, “Which AutoCAD should I get?”

There are a few different versions of AutoCAD, so this is a good question.

First, let’s outline the different versions of AutoCAD, and then we will explain them:

  1. AutoCAD – $1775
  2. AutoCAD LT – $440
  3. Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection – $3115

First, AutoCAD is the number one architecture and engineering CAD software on the market.

AutoCAD is the standard for architecture firms, and is the most used architecture software on Earth.

There are more than a few reasons why you should buy AutoCAD, but it starts with the ability to create both 2D and 3D drawings with unmatched precision.

For architects, AutoCAD lets you build residences, commercial properties, and even large event spaces.

For engineers, AutoCAD lets you develop 3D models of your projects to show to your colleagues and clients.

For industrial designers, AutoCAD lets you design and develop products that you can then manufacture and distribute for large sales.

AutoCAD is the #1 CAD software for architects, and I highly recommend you purchase AutoCAD for yourself or your architecture and engineering firm.

Buy AutoCAD today for $1775.

What Is Better, AutoCAD Or AutoCAD LT?

So which AutoCAD should I get?

AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT are similar in many respects, though the LT does not have all the features of standard AutoCAD.

Because of this, the AutoCAD LT is available for a much more affordable price point – $440 a year.

The number one difference between AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT in my mind is that the LT does not have 3D rendering or 3D modeling ability.

The focus of AutoCAD LT is 2D drafting and design.

This is obviously very valuable for many architects, and architecture firms are encouraged to purchase both.

AutoCAD is better than AutoCAD LT because of all the extra features, though both are professional products that are used by architects who design the world.

Buy AutoCAD for $1775.

Buy AutoCAD LT for $440.

Why Is The Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection The Best Deal?

The best deal is the “Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection”.

Within the AEC Collection contains AutoCAD (normally $1775 – buy here), Revit (normally $2545 – buy here), Civil 3D (normally $2430 – buy here), InfraWorks (normally $1825), and Navisworks Manage (normally $2400).

That amounts to a total price if purchased separately of $10,975.

However, the AEC Collection bundles all this software together for a single price – $3115.

For $3115, you get AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, Infraworks, and Navisworks Manage, all together!

What a valuable opportunity.

How much does a subscription to AutoCAD cost?

If you are an architecture or engineering firm, you would achieve a great deal by purchasing the AEC Collection together.

If you are deciding which AutoCAD should I get, you will make a lot of dividends by purchasing the AEC Collection.

If you want to purchase the AEC Collection, you can for $3115. Buy here.

If you want to purchase AutoCAD separately, buy here for $1775.

If you want to purchase Revit separately, buy here for $2545.

If you want to purchase Civil 3D separately, buy here for $2430.

How Can I Save $500 On AutoCAD?

Everybody I know wants to save money on AutoCAD.

Of course, buying AutoCAD is a standard practice for most architects and architecture firms.

Everyone has AutoCAD.

If you work at an architecture firm, you might want to have AutoCAD for your personal devices in addition to the company subscription.

If you want to save $500 on AutoCAD, choose to subscribe for 3 years rather than the usual $1775.

When you buy 3 years worth of AutoCAD at the same time, you save $530 dollars, and achieve a large savings.

Buy AutoCAD and save $500 here.

When Do I Get AutoCAD LT?

You get AutoCAD LT when you want to have the flexibility and mobility, and also when you want to focus on 2D drafting.

That’s the key – 2D designs.

Can I teach myself AutoCAD?

With AutoCAD LT, you get your 2D designs to perfection, and you can always go from AutoCAD LT to AutoCAD when you are prepared.

The AutoCAD LT price point is much more inexpensive for younger architects, and smaller architecture firms, though the general AutoCAD is recommended.

AutoCAD LT works with the included AutoCAD app, a mobile app that lets you access and edit your files on the go.

That’s a valuable resource.

Buy AutoCAD LT for $440.

Buy AutoCAD for $1775.

Why Architecture & Engineering Firms Should Buy AutoCAD

Architecture and engineering firms should buy AutoCAD because AutoCAD is the software of record for these industries for complex building and product modeling, design, and development.

AutoCAD is a valuable tool that has changed the landscape of architecture, allowing architects and engineers to complete projects of unmatched complexity with less time and more perfection.

AutoCAD is the tool I have used to make many projects that have been brought into the world.

And AutoCAD is a tool used by engineers and designers to build products to spec, and get these projects into the world.

If you are a creator and a doer, and work for an architecture or engineering firm, then everyone in your firm should have a copy of AutoCAD.

Buy AutoCAD for $1775 a user today.

Buy the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection for $3115.


Which AutoCAD should I get?

I recommend going with standard AutoCAD for $1775 a year.

You can also save money with a purchase of AutoCAD LT for $440.

Then you have the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection for $3115, which includes AutoCAD, Revit, and Civil 3D.

If you want to buy AutoCAD Separately, buy at $1775.

If you want to buy Revit separately, buy at $2545.

If you want to buy Civil 3D separately, buy at $2430.

The Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection is the best deal at $3115. Buy here.

You can save $500 on AutoCAD by making a 3 year purchase.

You get AutoCAD LT when you are getting started and you don’t want to splurge on the standard AutoCAD.

If you buy AutoCAD LT, you get 2D design and annotation.

There is no 3D modeling in AutoCAD LT, but there is 3D modeling in AutoCAD.

Architecture and engineering firms should buy AutoCAD because of its ubiquitous use and value to the architecture profession.

If you are contemplating which architecture software to choose, AutoCAD is the sure thing choice.

How much does it cost to buy AutoCAD?

Buy AutoCAD for $1775 here.