Most architects and engineers ask at some point, “How much does it cost to buy AutoCAD?”

AutoCAD costs $1775 a year. Buy AutoCAD now.

Some people prefer to pay monthly.

For these architects and engineers, AutoCAD costs $220 a month. Buy AutoCAD now.

Of course, some of us look for a good deal.

I can save you $500 over three years.

To get the savings, get a 3 year subscription to AutoCAD.

The 3 year subscription costs $4,795, saving $530 over three years. Buy AutoCAD now.

AutoCAD for Architects, Engineers, and Construction Firms

AutoCAD is uniquely situated to be relevant for a wide swath of industries.

For architecture firms, AutoCAD is absolutely required.

A multitude of engineering firms use AutoCAD for modeling and simulations.

Construction firms use AutoCAD to clarify documentation and work with the design models to more accurately build projects to spec.

I shouldn’t stop there.

How much does it cost to buy AutoCAD

Interior design firms use AutoCAD to design rooms, remodel, and more, and the 3D modeling gives interior design firms ample flexibility to showcase interiors in great detail.

Then you have industrial design firms, who take products designed on AutoCAD and then prepare them for mass production.

What do all these firms have in common?

They use AutoCAD.

Buy AutoCAD to get AutoCAD in your firm today.

Why AutoCAD is worth the value of the purchase 20 times over.

AutoCAD is an exciting and valuable design software.

Architects, engineers, construction, interior design, and industrial design all have AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is so valuable to a new architecture firm.

Let’s say you have a small architecture firm with 10 employees.

Those 10 employees each use AutoCAD.

The astounding creations an architect can design with 10 architectural minds working together are really better than ever.

Young architects do such futuristic work, and define the future of the industry.

Older architects leverage their network and business talents to bring in deals as much as they are still superior designers.

From top to bottom, the majority of the work of new architecture firm will be done on AutoCAD.

Thus, I will define the value of AutoCAD for the architecture firm by making this statement.

Are most of your architects going to be on AutoCAD all day?

The answer is obviously yes.

Because of this, I sought to find out how much AutoCAD costs per hour, and based on that finding I could determine if AutoCAD is a good deal.

How much does it cost to buy AutoCAD at a daily price?

Let’s take the $1,775 a year price tag of AutoCAD, and divide by 12 months.

Then, we divide by 20 work days per month.

Then, we divide by 8 hours per day.

Here’s what I found.

I realized that even with the $1,775 price tag, AutoCAD is still next to free.

The hourly price of AutoCAD is only $0.92 cents!

That’s right, with an 8 hour work day, you’re looking at paying a daily cost of $7.40 to use AutoCAD.

This price is completely reasonable.

Today’s architectural, engineering, and design firms are paying less than $1 per hour to use AutoCAD.

Do you have a dollar an hour for AutoCAD?

That’s a great deal.

Buy AutoCAD today.

How Architecture and Engineering Firms Can Use Marketing To Gain Business

One of the things I got really good at as an architect was using marketing to grow my small architecture practice.

When I graduated from Harvard with my Bachelors in Architecture, I expected to get hired by the best architecture firms.

For some reason, they weren’t biting, so I got a job as a consultant at McKinsey.

McKinsey, as you may know, is the finest consulting company in America, and the largest in terms of revenues.

I was always astounded at how multi-million dollar deals kept coming into McKinsey.

They never had a lack of business, and never had a slow day.

So after McKinsey, I did a brief stint with the US Army and their Core of Engineers.

That was good service.

After my military career, I decided to start my own architecture firm.

Buy AutoCAD to start your own architecture firm.

But then you realize – how am I going to make any money with an architecture firm?

I have a nice office, fast internet, AutoCAD, Revit, and Civil 3D (to cover all the bases), and I am a talented architect.

But how am I supposed to translate all this into real business?

You know, revenues.

I thought back to my days at McKinsey, and I remembered that the ones that really made the money for their clients were the specialists in Marketing.

So I went online to eCornell (Cornell University’s online courses) and I got some marketing certificates.

I studied Digital Marketing 360, and I got really good at online marketing.

I understood websites, and SEO, and blogging, and paid advertising, and a lot more.

I built a website on WordPress, and then I hired article writers to write me 1,000 articles about architecture, so my website would have relevance to the search engines.

Then, I put headline page tabs on the website – “luxury residential”, “office buildings”, etc.

Next I placed a $10 a day ad on Google for those keywords, and the customers started flowing in.

I closed a $400,000 project, and I knew I made it.

I closed some multi-million dollar projects, as well.

You have to know the business of architecture as much as you know how to do great designs on AutoCAD, and Marketing is where you get proficiency if you want to excel.

Buy AutoCAD, and visit eCornell to get started with Marketing.


How much does it cost to buy AutoCAD? $1,775 a year, or less than $1 an hour with a 40 hour work week. AutoCAD is great for architecture firms, engineering firms, and construction firms. AutoCAD is 20 times more valuable than the purchase price, and sometimes much more. Architects (and engineers, too) should learn Marketing when starting their own architecture firm or engineering firm. Thank you for reading.

Why buy AutoCAD? AutoCAD is the #1 CAD software for architects. You can buy AutoCAD at Buy AutoCAD any time of year, or during the holiday season when there are great Black Friday and Christmas deals. AutoCAD is made for architects. Alternatives to AutoCAD include Revit, a 3D building modeling software from, where there are great resources. AutoCAD is a great deal at $1,775 / year. This web site does contain affiliate links. Buy AutoCAD. Buy the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.