Many aspiring architects and engineers often ask, “How much does a subscription to AutoCAD cost?”

The cost of an annual subscription to AutoCAD is $1775. Buy here.

The monthly cost is $220 a month.

Of course, there are some various alternatives to AutoCAD, and one is AutoCAD LT.

AutoCAD LT has impressive 2D drafting technology, and the main difference is that while standard AutoCAD has 3D modeling, AutoCAD LT does not.

That said, the cost of AutoCAD LT is an affordable $440 a year. Buy here.

So in short, the subscription to AutoCAD costs $1775 a year, while AutoCAD LT costs $440 a year.

Ready to buy AutoCAD?

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How much does a subscription to AutoCAD cost

What is the Difference Between AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT?

AutoCAD is the world’s most advanced architecture and engineering software.

AutoCAD is used by the vast majority of architecture and engineering (and interior design) professionals to design and build exceptional works.

AutoCAD lets you draft, annotate, and design in 2D and 3D, with the world’s most advanced 3D modeling available to the public. Buy here.

AutoCAD LT is the “lite” version of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD LT does not have 3D modeling capabilities, though the 2D drafting geometries are beautiful and eminently functional for professional environments.

Architectural firms would be well advised to purchase both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT to have the ability to take your drafting to the cloud, to mobilize your workforce, and to experience the benefits of Autodesk’s famed group of architecture software.

If I had to choose between AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, I would spend the extra money.

At $1775 a year, AutoCAD is by far the best architecture software on the market, and the industry standard is to use AutoCAD for everything from luxury residential to commercial to 30 story office buildings, and more.

So how much does a subscription to AutoCAD cost, again?

I don’t mean to belabor the point, but a lot of people skim when they’re on the internet, so many of you might not have read the price tag yet.

So here’s the price tag for AutoCAD.

AutoCAD – $1775 / year. Buy here.

Then there’s AutoCAD LT, which only has 2D abilities rather than the 3D modeling that comes with standard AutoCAD.

AutoCAD LT – $440 / year. Buy here.

Of course, there are alternatives to AutoCAD that building and construction professionals might find very interesting.

Revit is another software built by the makers of AutoCAD.

What is Revit, and is Revit for architects?

Revit is Building Information Modeling (BIM) and is a must have for architecture firms, engineering firms, and construction firms.

Like AutoCAD, Revit has 3D modeling.

Revit also has a lot of automation to avoid routine and repetitive tasks.

Thus, you get to focus on more valuable work.

How much does a subscription to Revit cost?

Revit costs $2,545 / year. Buy here.

Take a look at Revit and consider a subscription.

Do architectural and engineering firms need AutoCAD, Revit, and Civil 3D?

All three products are immediately valuable to architecture and engineering firms.

AutoCAD is the number one tool of architects, though engineers are often using AutoCAD, solving design issues and remedying problems whether looking at building plans or mechanical components.

Both architects and engineers use AutoCAD.

Thus, AutoCAD is recommended as required software for both architectural firms and engineering firms.

Buy AutoCAD for your firm here.

Revit is another tool used by many architectural firms.

Differing from AutoCAD in a number of ways, Revit brings architecture, engineering, and construction into a “unified modeling environment”.

Revit is also used by a large number of engineering firms.

With Revit, engineers can create “design intent models”.

Revit is useful for mechanical engineers, as much as for civil engineers, by helping to make virtual representations of building products.

Buy Revit for your firm here.

Civil 3D is used primarily by engineers, but also has applications for landscape architects.

Civil 3D supports CAD and BIM workflows, and helps to understand project operations.

If you are planning and designing civil engineering projects, Civil 3D is a must have.

I recommend Civil 3D for every engineering firm as required, and for every architectural firm as valuable to own.

Buy Civil 3D for your firm here.

Can I buy AutoCAD 3 years at a time?

When explaining to people how much a subscription to AutoCAD costs, I appreciate the price tag.

$1775 / year is the price, and every architecture and engineering firm needs AutoCAD.

How much does a subscription to AutoCAD cost

The 3 year price of AutoCAD is $4,795, paid every 3 years.

That saves you more than $500 over the three year period of the subscription.

Here’s a link to buy AutoCAD.

Can I buy Revit 3 years at a time?

For Revit, $2,545 / year is the price.

Every architecture, engineering, construction, and interior design firm should own Revit, with at least one subscription per employee.

Of course, if you subscribe to Revit for 3 years at a time, you pay $6,870.

This saves you $765 over three years.

If you are an architecture firm, an engineering firm, a construction firm, or an interior design firm, you know you are going to use AutoCAD, Revit, and Civil 3D every year for the next decade.

Thus, it makes a lot of cents to subscribe 3 years at time.

You will save money, and you still get your automatic updates and upgrades as they are delivered.

Here’s a link to buy Revit.

Can I buy Civil 3D with a 3-year subscription?

For Civil 3D, $2,430 / year is the price.

Every engineering firm must have Civil 3D, and most architecture and construction firms would benefit from a subscription to Civil 3D as well.

Of course, if you subscribe to Civil 3D for 3 years, you pay $6,560 for the 3 years.

This saves you $730 over 3 years.

You still get every upgrade as they arrive, even with the 3 year subscription.

Here’s a link to buy Civil 3D.


When asking the question “how much does a subscription to AutoCAD cost”, the simple answer is $1775 a year. But then you can pay monthly, at $220 a month. If you get the 3 year subscription (and this makes sense because you’ll be using AutoCAD for the next 3 decades), you save hundreds of dollars. AutoCAD LT is less expensive, but doesn’t have 3D modeling. But 2D drafting is very pro with AutoCAD LT, and is highly recommended in addition to AutoCAD. Revit is a BIM modeling software that creates advanced renderings that are very useful in the architecture, engineering, interior design, and construction professions. Civil 3D is required for every engineering and industrial design firm. At the same time, architectural firms, engineering firms, and construction firms should all get AutoCAD, Revit, and Civil 3D – because this upgrades your firm and gives you the advanced tools you need for your business success. Finally, the 3 year subscription saves you money and sets your business for long-term success, while still making sure that you get your upgrades. Leave a comment below about your relationship to AutoCAD!

Why buy AutoCAD? AutoCAD is the #1 CAD software for architects. You can buy AutoCAD at Buy AutoCAD any time of year, or during the holiday season when there are great Black Friday and Christmas deals. AutoCAD is made for architects. Alternatives to AutoCAD include Revit, a 3D building modeling software from, where there are great resources. AutoCAD is a great deal at $1,775 / year. This web site does contain affiliate links. Buy AutoCAD. Buy the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.