Architects, take note – there is a 50% off thanksgiving sale for AutoCAD and Revit happening right now.

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The 50% off Thanksgiving sale is active as of Thanksgiving Day, and will continue for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.

The 50% off Thanksgiving sale is going to include dramatically reduced prices on AutoCAD and Revit, the two most popular pieces of architecture software on the market today.

Said again, (and very important to read carefully) the prices are going to be reduced by up to 50% during Thanksgiving, and during the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday sale following the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here are the sales:


All these savings for the Thanksgiving holiday can be found on

These savings are going to be inclusive for the Black Friday shopping holiday, the Small Business Saturday shopping holiday, and the Cyber Monday shopping holiday as well.

All the savings for the above software are at

Now, you might be thinking, I would love to have this incredible software – and most likely, I am going to buy – and probably now because of the temporary sales price.

At the same time, you might also think to yourself, what am I going to be using this software ON…

For example, will I have a sleek, brand new, $2,000 laptop that delivers all the goods!

For some of us, that sleek, brand new, $2,000 laptop is half of the fun, and all the action.

So what I’m getting at is, I found some really uniquely inexpensive deals on Apple laptops and computers for you.

Here are the sales:


All these incredible sales, discounts, deals, and savings are available on

Now that you have your deals, let’s talk about architecture.


My name is Clark and I am an architect from Los Angeles, California.

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I am writing to you about architecture because to me, architecture is about greatness.

Yes, a middle-class income is respectable, and is more than enough to provide for a family.

At the same time, have you been seeing the incredible designs on the social media channels lately?

There is so much greatness in the contemporary architecture of the 21st century.

Here we sit, a couple decades after the turn of the millennium, and our architects are churning out the most important work in modern history.

I will say this: I am a big fan of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is the #1 CAD software for architects and engineers.

I have personally used AutoCAD to create designs that have earned me 6 figures and 7 figures.

That’s a lot to be thankful for.

This Thanksgiving, think carefully about why you like architecture, and what architecture means to you.

Architecture is so interesting.

Truly, so is the 50% Off Thanksgiving Sale on

I have never seen better prices for the most powerful software available to the modern man.

I have never seen so much drive from contemporary architects.

I have never seen better designs.

The architecture of today is mighty impressive, and in large part due to the AutoCAD and the Revit.

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You can get a great deal on both AutoCAD and Revit, to say nothing of Civil 3D, on Thanksgiving Day and Thanksgiving Weekend.

Here are the deals:


And of course, you don’t need the reminder that these deals are each available on

You might be surprised (in the good sense) to remember that Thanksgiving only comes around one time per year.

Thus, these sales and deals are very temporary.

I am so serious about this statement right now.

The sale prices you are seeing on are so temporary that you might have to go and buy something right now because the price might really not be there tomorrow.

Because the 50% Off Thanksgiving Sale prices are so temporary, you can get some incredible deals, such as…

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Some of us are experiencing harder times.

For those of us who are experiencing harder times, we might not be able to afford grabbing all the software we could ever want, and the fancy, sleek, $2,000 laptop too.

At the same time, if you have been saving enough money, then today is the day to get your hands on all the architecture and engineering software you could ever want, and all the Apple products you really must have to win the day for life.

Today is therefore a must-win day for the contemporary architect.

You have one day where the sales gate has opened and so much savings are available to you therefore.

Do not hesitate and start shopping right now for the savings are only going to be here for a few more days!

At the same time, these items are really must-have items.

As I said before, AutoCAD is the #1 CAD software.

And Revit is the #1 BIM software made for the professional architect.

Therefore, you must go shopping now while the day is still here.

For as day turns to night, so too do these sales prices really evaporate like water in a dry heat.

Thus, I highly recommend that you get your hands on AutoCAD.

I highly recommend that you get your hands on Revit.

I highly recommend that you get your hands on Civil 3D.

And I highly recommend that you get your hands on all the Mac and Apple products that you have ever wanted.

Today is Thanksgiving after all.

Splurge a little.

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