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My name is Clark and I am an architect from Los Angeles, California.

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I am writing to you today because as we sit down for dinner with family and welcomed friends, there is another kind of situation brewing…

The situation I am describing is a situation where architects, and their colleagues (engineers, etc.) can achieve massive, incredible savings on AutoCAD and Revit… (read on for the deals)…

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Take, for example, the laptop you are using.

Your laptop is beautiful.

In many ways, your laptop is an extension of you.

What if you could get your AutoCAD and Revit work done on a sleek, new $2,000 laptop!

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As an architect based in Los Angeles, California, I am so deeply grateful for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Thanksgiving is a day that everyone in America shares.

Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude, and happiness.

Thanksgiving is a day of kindness, and family.

Of course, for the intrepid shopper, Thanksgiving is also a day to take advantage of incredible sale prices, discounts, and shopping deals.

On Thanksgiving, you can buy whatever you want on and save a big bundle.

I like Thanksgiving because the family is here, and everyone is in a relatively good mood.

With football on the television all day long, and lots of snacks in the living room, you can have a really nice time on Thanksgiving.

For you, Thanksgiving might be about happiness and health as much as Thanksgiving is about football, family, and a feeding frenzy.

North Carolina Contemporary House In Countryside

Let’s say politely that for many architects, Thanksgiving is a needed mental health day that helps you recuperate from all your hard work at the office putting in late hours on that one AutoCAD file.

Today is such an interesting day for shopping.

With Thanksgiving day deals on AutoCAD that could reach a full 50% off, you have a great opportunity to get into the buying mindset for Thanksgiving the entire day.

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Honestly, I must say that I am very impressed with today’s class of architects.

The architects of today, who we call “contemporary architects” (contemporary architecture refers to 21st century architecture), are the best architects the world has seen in a long time.

Today’s architects are accomplishing designs that move human beings in remarkable ways.

The contemporary architects of today are leveraging the most powerful tools available in the software world to accomplish the most vastly impressive designs I have ever seen.

View of Eiffel Tower from Parisian living room

AutoCAD is by far the most popular, most used, and most powerful architecture CAD software on the market today.

I highly recommend you buy AutoCAD because the software works so well, so deeply, for the modern architect.

Revit, as well, is becoming a very popular software.

Not to replace AutoCAD, the two work best together as complements to each other, and both software do excellent work.

Revit and AutoCAD are two of the most powerful pieces of architecture software on the market today.

And now, for Thanksgiving, you can achieve 50% off savings when you sign up for AutoCAD, and 50% off savings when you sign up for Revit.

The deal is extravagant.

Such happiness when you sign up for AutoCAD.

I remember when I first got AutoCAD – I was at university.

I opened my sleek, brand new $2,000 laptop, and ordered AutoCAD.

The results were astounding.

My life transitioned from chaotic and kinetic to orderly and structured.

I immediately started to do real architecture, and that’s when things got interesting.

One of my designs for a mansion was built in real life.

I later lived in the house for a period of at least two years.

More building projects ensued.

Of course, there were some tough moments along the way.

One company wanted to play hardball about paying the money.

These things do happen from time to time, and you have to be wary about these situations and ready to respond with lawyers right away to keep your money coming in.

Listen, if you are reading this right now on Thanksgiving or thereabouts, then this is a must-win day for you.

Of course, there isn’t too much pressure with your family here, often times, that’s a moment of gratitude.

But as an architect, Thanksgiving is a period when you have the chance to upgrade yourself.

And your behaviors matter.

At the same time, Revit and AutoCAD are must-have pieces of software.

Revit and AutoCAD do the work of 20 men at one time.

You cannot live without them as an architect.

Buy Revit and Buy AutoCAD today.

Your life will reward you.

All in all, Thanksgiving is a day of beautiful times, with beautiful people.

So much holiday charm to go around.

And of course, so many deals.

As a recap, here are the Thanksgiving day deals available to you, one more time:


Thank you for making your way to my site, and don’t forget:

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Thank you for reading!

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