During the AutoCAD Cyber Monday Sale, expect incredible savings.

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The AutoCAD Cyber Monday sale is a sale like no other.

There are only a couple days on the calendar with as much opportunity for savings on AutoCAD, savings on Revit, and savings on the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection because of Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, and Black Friday.

Especially, Cyber Monday is so crucial because Cyber Monday happens on the first Monday after Thanksgiving, and we all can agree Thanksgiving is important with food, football, and family.

That’s a good day in America.


My name is Clark, and I am an architect from Los Angeles, California.

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I am writing to you because I am so excited about Cyber Monday for all you architects out there!

I have been an architect for going on 10 years.

And while that career is long for some, the career still has a lot of growth in the future.

I am so excited about all the sales that Autodesk.com has on my favorite architecture software.

AutoCAD on Cyber Monday continues to be the #1 CAD software for architects anywhere.

Revit on Cyber Monday is gaining steam as the #1 BIM software that lets you design in 3D, and then work on your designs with annotations later.

Such a great software.

The two software are really great when put together, and that great deal is called the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.

The concept is that Autodesk.com, the maker of both AutoCAD and Revit, has decided to put together an architect’s dream package that lets you work with 10 or more pieces of software in an all-in-one package.

The AEC Collection is an architect’s dream.

There is so much software that any architect could start your own architecture firm.

And the price is too good to pass up.

For $2,825 / year on a regular day, you get AutoCAD, Revit, 3DS Max, Civil 3D, and more.

Of course, that’s all before Cyber Monday.

On Cyber Monday, expect to achieve savings of 30%, 40%, or up to 50% off the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection from Autodesk.com.

Because of the dramatic Cyber Monday sale, you can achieve the acquisition of these 10 pieces of software for less than the cost of AutoCAD on a good day.

When you buy the 3 Year Subscription, you can also grab the savings for a full three years at a time, saving you countless thousands of dollars.

The goal here is for you to upgrade as an architect.

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There is so much available to an architect in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection, that any reasonable architect would have to check out the AEC Collection at the link right here (link).

The concept is really incredible savings for one day only.

The AutoCAD Cyber Monday sale, the Revit Cyber Monday sale, and the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection Cyber Monday sale is so terrific, I have been told by colleagues that the savings are too good to pass up.

I highly recommend you purchase the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection on Cyber Monday with a great sale price.

The deals will also be here for the AutoCAD Black Friday Sale, and also for the AutoCAD Small Business Saturday Sale.

There is of course more to the story…

Because Cyber Monday is a global American shopping holiday on the first Monday after Thanksgiving, there are sales on every kind of product because so many stores are lowering their costs.

The first store I can think of is Amazon.com.

Amazon.com has sales on every kind of item.

I am especially interested in the sales of the Macbook Pro 15”, and all of the Macbook laptops for architects.

Obviously, AutoCAD and Revit are very sophisticated pieces of software.

And for such sophisticated software, you need a brand new, sleek laptop that can handle the horsepower of AutoCAD and the horsepower of Revit.

Buy your Macbooks here (Amazon.com).

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Some architects do like to work from one place only.

For those architects that are determined to work from home, there is the power of the Desktops from Apple.

Those sales on Amazon.com are going to be really sweet.

You can get savings of up to hundreds of dollars on the best computers money can buy.

Amazon.com has savings on Macbook laptops.

Amazon.com has savings on Macbook desktops.

Amazon.com has savings on Windows laptops.

Amazon.com has savings on Windows desktops.

You can also get a really great Cyber Monday sale price on the Apple iPad Pro for architects.

The Apple iPad Pro is an incredible tool for those architects that like to do their drafting with some high technology.

Most architects have been vigilant that pen and paper is the best way to do drafting.

Now, the plot has thickened as the Apple iPad Pro lets architects do drafting with so much precision and clarity, and also, integrations with AutoCAD (AutoCAD Cyber Monday sale price here) and integrations with Revit (Revit Cyber Monday sale price here).

If you are a die hard Windows fan, then rest assured, there is also the Microsoft Surface Pro that is very affordable and perfect for drafting at the highest quality and standards of excellence (Get the Cyber Monday sale price on the Microsoft Surface Pro X & 7).

In fact, Microsoft Surface fans can get Cyber Monday Sales on a very advanced laptop called the Surface Laptop 3.

Listen, I don’t want to talk about Cyber Monday sales too much, but I do believe that Cyber Monday presents a lot of strategic opportunity for architects that want to go big and save a lot of money.

Here’s a recap of what’s available to you on the Cyber Monday sale:


Because today is Cyber Monday, you have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars, and make your and your family very, very happy.

Shop now on Autodesk.com and Amazon.com!

Why buy AutoCAD? AutoCAD is the #1 CAD software for architects. You can buy AutoCAD at Autodesk.com. Buy AutoCAD any time of year, or during the holiday season when there are great Black Friday and Christmas deals. AutoCAD is made for architects. Alternatives to AutoCAD include Revit, a 3D building modeling software from Autodesk.com, where there are great resources. AutoCAD is a great deal at $1,610 / year. This web site does contain affiliate links. Buy AutoCAD. Buy the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.