Architects, upgrade with AutoCAD Cyber Monday Discounts that render you as perfect.

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Dear architect,

I am writing to you with a concept:

AutoCAD Cyber Monday discounts are available for one day through the year…

That’s only one day on the entire Gregorian Calendar.

Because of this limited supply of discounts, Autodesk (the maker of AutoCAD) is going big with their discounts…

Get AutoCAD Cyber Monday discounts without losing any sleep this holiday season.

Did you know that AutoCAD is the #1 CAD architecture software on the market for the last 20 to 30 years?

I used to think that everything in architecture was fresh and new, but now I see the world of architecture as very orderly and structured.

That’s not a bad thing.

That’s a good thing.

There are points for you when you figure out that a building, as orderly and structured as a building is, has a lot in common with your human body as well.

Nurture a building, and the building stays strong.

Strengthen a building, and the people in the building stay strong too.

What am I really getting at here?

Strong buildings are at the heart of what architecture is all about.

And strong architecture software is at the heart of designing a strong building.

Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to realize discounts and get your favorite software at the best discount.

On Cyber Monday for Architects, I especially recommend these 5 things to buy, for you and the architect you love: has basically all the products you could ever want to buy for Cyber Monday. has all the software you want to become an upgraded architect.

The long and short of the story is this:

AutoCAD Cyber Monday Discounts give you the chance to buy your favorite architecture software at a lower cost.

Including if you already own AutoCAD, you can achieve a lower price for the next three years with strategic purchasing on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is about lower prices on everything that matters to you.

When things get involved with architecture, Cyber Monday lets you get your hands on AutoCAD Cyber Monday Discounts and Revit Cyber Monday Discounts.

There’s a lot of room for happiness here…

What do I mean?

Hello, my name is Clark and I am an architect from Los Angeles, California.

Beautiful house with pool

I personally have felt very happy over the years in my architecture career because of the fair prices I have gotten, and the strong design work I have been able to do.

There is so much opportunity in the world of architecture today.

Architects are happier, stronger, and making more money than ever before.

More architects means more buildings, and that is the best news the American economy has heard in a while.

When architects get really creative in their designs, then contemporary architecture really succeeds.

I am so proud to be an architect in the world of contemporary architecture today.

If you have ever done a “contemporary” design lately, then you are also a contemporary architect.

That’s a beautiful compliment, because the architecture these days is getting so forward-thinking, so adventurous, so exciting.

I have never seen more exciting home designs than with the architecture that people are doing these days.

Truly, the world of architects is getting so much more accomplished.

If you have ever gotten a building designed, and now the investors are building the concept, then I am proud of you.

You have succeeded in the world of architecture, and while in your 20s, 30s, and 40s.

For some of you, in your 50s and above, you have had a number of projects seen through to a successful conclusion.

You are so blessed, and lucky too.


At the same token, some people are not as lucky in architecture.

Some people don’t get to take a project from design to completion.

For those people, I recommend they stop right now and invest in themselves as an architect.

For when you invest in yourself as an architect, then you really set yourself up for a pathway to success.

There is a new proud product available to those who love architecture, called the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection from Autodesk (link).

The AEC Collection includes in one purchase AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, 3DS Max, Bridge Builder, and more.

If sold separately, these software products would sell for a total of well over $10,000 / year.

With the AEC Collection, you can buy all of them at one time for only $2,825 retail.

But of course, this is Cyber Monday.

That means you can realize some significant discounts without having to break your wallet.

I am talking about 30% discounts, 40% discounts, and 50% discounts on architecture software with the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.

You can get some discounts that are only available one time per year!

Such a discount is really impressive and important for the everyday, experienced architect.

There are some people that wish to become architects, but these people don’t have the money.

That’s a tough situation to handle.

If you don’t have the money to get through architecture school, then chances are, you might have a hard time becoming an architect.

I wish things could be different.

I am so grateful that the people reading my blog are all, or mostly, able to participate in the world of architecture as equals and upstanding citizens.

For those that are unable to afford architecture software, there is hope on days such as Cyber Monday or Black Friday or Small Business Saturday, days when discounts are available to all and everybody has a fair chance to do some purchases that are affordable.

You can get an affordable, great deal on AutoCAD.

You can get an affordable, great deal on Revit.

You can get an affordable, great deal on 3DS Max.

You can get an affordable, great deal on Civil 3D.

You can get an affordable, great deal on Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.

These incredible prices are possible because of the goodness of the people of Autodesk, the Fortune 500 Corporation that makes AutoCAD, Revit, and more architecture software that tremendously serves the industry.

There is more great news on the horizon, for everybody that loves architecture.

With AutoCAD Cyber Monday discounts, you also get discounts on everything else you could ever hope to buy on Cyber Monday.

What I am also talking about is working with Cyber Monday too take advantage of the discounts on

Let’s talk about for a moment. is a store where you can buy basically anything, and always for a discount.

I was looking at the wealth chart in America the other day, and I seen that the wealthiest man in the United States of America is Jeff Bezos, the CEO of

I am so proud of my American Mr. Bezos, right here!

The brave, intelligent, wise and wealthy Mr. Bezos has found a formula that always works in the American economy.

The formula is as follows:

Great Products + Great Prices = Great Wealth.

This is so relevant to architecture.

Architects generally have products to sell that are basically designs for buildings.

We always as architects strive to achieve greatness in our designs.

When you supply an affordable price to an already great product, then you get loved.

And, you also feel honored.

That’s happiness.

This is a must-win moment for you as an architect.

There is so much hope for you, so much love, and with that hope and love comes the high expectations.

As an architect, you have within yourself everything you want and require to succeed beyond the high expectations.

You have within yourself everything you want and require to make big buildings come to life, with high quality designs.

Of course, turning points in a career happen more than once in a lifetime.

This moment for you is a turning point.

Cyber Monday is not always a turning point.

But when you make the investment in yourself, and with good timing the entire time, then you actually earn a lot of accolades.

And accolades make a strong career strongest.

AutoCAD is a must have architecture software.

AutoCAD is the #1 CAD architecture software available for purchase today.

In the same way, Revit is the #1 BIM architecture software available for purchase today.

There is actually very little real competition to AutoCAD on the market – at least, nothing as good as AutoCAD in my experience.

Truly, I love AutoCAD…

AutoCAD is the software that I used to design my first house.

The house I designed was sold to an investor and later built, in Los Angeles, California.

AutoCAD is the software that I have used for more projects, as well.

These projects were sold to investors, and one in construction.

The second one is in pre-construction.

AutoCAD gets the job done, period.

Whenever an opportunity strikes me in my architect’s mind, I grab my AutoCAD and get a design started.

So many of us feel the same.

AutoCAD is one of those must have pieces of software that is always there for you.

For the record, Revit is also a must have piece of software.

And both come in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection from Autodesk.

Some architects looked at the word construction, and didn’t have an immediate response.

I would remind them that construction is the inevitable outgrowth of a perfect design project.

When you design something really great, your work might get build.

How exciting!

On this Cyber Monday, get to Autodesk and purchase your architecture software:

  • And change your life…


And prepare for your life to upgrade in exciting and profitable ways.

Thank you for reading!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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