The field of architecture is known as a field where design is bested only by the build of such designs.

Interior with symmetrical decorations.

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Architecture is an emotion, an emotion of accomplishment, and creativity, and greatness.

There is so much nobility in a truly great design.

So much grace.

So much beauty.

Architecture is a field known for artists of the pen and paper, and lately, of AutoCAD.

The maker of AutoCAD, Autodesk, has also come out with a new software, called Revit, that accomplishes the best of “building information modeling” (BIM) that excels in the field of architecture beyond measure.

With such incredible tools at the architect’s hands, there is so much to be said for the movement of contemporary architecture that has swept the world of architecture over the last twenty years.

Architecture is made for the bold, and those who dare greatly.

At the same time, architecture is also made for those with great timing.

What am I really getting at here?

Hello, my name is Clark, and I am an architect from Los Angeles, California.

House with pool.

I have been a professional architect for a good decade now, and I have learned so many valuable and important life lessons during my career.

Timing is everything for an architect…

The timing required to get a project off the ground (do you have the time, so to speak)…

The timing required to establish a rapport with an investor and take a project from design to build…

The timing required to participate in a building project and maintain an already hectic schedule…

Of course, there is one more aspect to timing that bears mentioning now:

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Of course, there is more to the game of life, and the field of architecture, than timing.

There is also talent.

Some architects are simply blessed as the most talented, the Frank Gehry, the Frank Lloyd Wright, etc.

With talent comes the ability to deduce the most important course of action at any given time.

What is the most important course of action for you, right now?

Front of a house.

Surely, on this beautiful Small Business Saturday, there must be some most important action for you to take.

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Upgrade your life.

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When you want to get things going in architecture, a strong investment in yourself is an intelligent approach for your upgrade.

Architects are always best when inspired.

Sun flows in family room.

Architecture is a field that inspires architects to design and create things that haven’t been there before (contemporary architecture), and sometimes, things that have been there before.

Whether you consider yourself a modern Picasso of the AutoCAD or an old-school classical builder such as the architect of the Governor’s Mansion, let this article remind you that hope is always on the horizon.

In some cases, only a day away.

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The blessings of the holiday season are upon you.

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