Black Friday discounts are here again!

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As Americans go shopping on the internet and in stores for incredible deals, architects don’t have to feel left out of the fun in the sun with all the Black Friday discounts.

Actually, I have great news for you.

Yes, you can get discounts on anything and everything on

There is of course more great news for you.

That’s right, architects, there is great news for you too.

And no, this is not some sales pitch.

What I am getting at, is that architects can have plenty of fun on Black Friday too – both for themselves, and for their family.

Architects: Black Friday Discounts are available now (link).

But more importantly, I am also getting at some interesting and important points about architecture that really need to be made clear.

Hello. My name is Clark, and I am a 32 year old architect from Los Angeles, California.

House in Los Angeles Hills

As you might be able to imagine, architects in Los Angeles and of course everywhere have great dreams of ambition.

I, for one, have had great dreams related to architecture ever since I was going to university.

I recall sitting in lecture, as my professor spoke about Learning by Doing.

In the lecture, I opened my sleek $2,000 laptop, opened AutoCAD, and began a design that would change my life (above links are to Black Friday discounts).

The design was for a 4 bedroom house.

As the professor spoke, I put everything the professor mentioned in class into the house.

By the time the class was complete, I had a complete floor plan that was truly beautiful.

I showed the design to my professor, and he was very impressed with my work.

I had applied all of his teachings, in the right order, and what resulted was what I considered a work of art.

Later, I sold the design to an investor and a house was built for a considerable sum.

I made 6 figures on the sale, and later, I briefly lived in the house for a while.

That’s ambition.

When you get a sense of what you are capable of, the architect that dreams to win must follow up your sense of possibility with the ambition to succeed beyond measure.

Including weights and measures.

Ambition is everything in architecture.

Ambitious kitchen

When you have designs on doing something great with your professional career, there is always the will of your drive pushing you forward.

With dreams of ambition, the architect soldiers on, winning boardroom battles and design conversations, and what results is often a work of art.

Obviously, I am writing to you on Black Friday.

For architects, Black Friday discounts are a small heaven in the making, whether for Autodesk software or

Why is Black Friday so important for architects?

Architects can get a new subscription to AutoCAD at an incredible price on Black Friday.

The Black Friday Discounts are substantial, and most architects can save up to 30%, 40%, or possibly achieve 50% discounts on AutoCAD.

I am proud of my architecture.

And I am sure that you are proud of your architecture.

On Black Friday, discounts are in the air, and you can save so much on what’s important to you in architecture.

With all of these purchase possibilities, there is hope that architects can achieve Black Friday discounts and save a ton of money while advancing their professional career.

The architect of ambition does not worry too much about the money.

The architect of ambition is sure that a better life is on the horizon, and there is a lot of hope about a festive day one day soon.

On Black Friday, discounts are there for architects, and that makes Black Friday a festive day as well.

Architects have a great life.

Lots of work, lots of friends, and lots of ambition to further their career.

Ambition is the motion of believing in yourself, and having a VISION of something great that you believe that you are able to accomplish.

Thus, you should really have your own version of AutoCAD.

You should really have your own version of Revit.

You should really have your own version of the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection, a collection of architecture software that puts you on a pathway to start your own architecture firm.

Architecture firms love architects with ambition.

White living room

When architects have dreams of ambition, and combine architectural ambition with long hours and extra time at work, then you can achieve higher pay, bigger bonuses at year’s end, and lots of success in your labors.

That’s why you get to work early, and at worst on time.

That’s why you put in extra hours after the close of business, often.

That’s why you order in and have working lunches at your desk, rather than take the hour-long break that so many are taking these days.

Architects that follow through with these principles will see more success.

Architects that follow through with these objectives will accomplish more deadlines.

And architects that follow through will always bring their ambition to life.

So on Black Friday, follow through with your shopping:

And truly, push yourself to achieve in everything you do.

For when you push yourself to achieve, you will optimize yourself until you are accomplishing great things.

Good luck to you on this Black Friday.

God bless you and your family.

And go get everything in life.

The girl, the deals, the designs, and the one.

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