Architecture is a field made for those that dare to dream greatly.

The white hallway stairs.

On Black Friday, Architects love structure.

On Black Friday, Architects have vision.

Architects move the world with incredible designs that, when constructed, move the world in a stronger, more structurally sound direction.

I happen to be an architect myself.

Hello, my name is Clark.

I am a 32 year old architect from Los Angeles, California.

I have had a lot of success in architecture, and I want to share some insights with you that will make your architecture soar to success.

While you’re reading, I may present some buying opportunities for you.

Feel confident, happy, and ready.

The stuff I am showing off is the best there is for architects – stuff such as AutoCAD, the AEC Collection, and Laptops for Architects.

I was on the other day, doing some shopping.

Same site, different purchase.

Every day, I am looking at items for sale on!

That’s an aside, because this blog is about architecture.

But I do want to say that the deals on laptops are crucial for architects.

I recommend the 15” Macbook Pro, personally.

At the same time, I want to talk about life for a minute.

When you are an architect, there is a lot of life to live.

Bathtub interior.

And a lot of work to accomplish.

Many architects dream of making their mark to the highest echelons of architecture.

So many of us work our standard 40 hour weeks, and we feel tired.

The old-school big-leaguers laugh at the above statement.

I want you to understand something…

40 hour weeks don’t build skyscrapers.

40 hour weeks don’t build mixed-commercial-residential.

40 hour weeks don’t design mansions.

There is something called ambition that I want all of you architects to understand.

When you have the ambition to succeed, you are then willing to push yourself the extra miles to your success finish line.

What’s the finish line in architecture?

The first finish line is completing the project.

The second finish line is when there is agreement that someone is going to build the project.

The third finish line is when the project is built.

There is nothing like getting a project built.

There are feelings related to getting a project built that I wish you can have.

Some emotions are not for sale.

Some emotions are only experienced through achievement.

For example, the emotion of a President winning an election.

Such an emotion can only be experienced by a few winners.

The people have their own emotions.

All of this ties in to what I have to say about Black Friday.

The biggest sales day of the year is your biggest opportunity to upgrade yourself as an architect.

Beautiful bathtub.

Architects love to design.

AutoCAD is here for your designs.

When you have Black Friday on your calendar, you can save money on the AutoCAD.

You can save money on the Macbook Pro 15” that most architects love to use.

But what am I really getting at here?

What I am getting at is architects must take dramatic steps in their career to level up.

Some steps are easier than others.

The first and best step is to get AutoCAD on your personal computer.

I understand that you have AutoCAD on your work computer.

When you have AutoCAD on your home computer as well, you can make the move to get the design up and built on AutoCAD.

There is nothing in the world like getting a building built.

But there is also something magical to completing a design.

Regardless of the size of the design.

The emotion of completing a design is tremendous.

The emotion is an immaculate feeling of accomplishment.

There are few emotions like the feeling above as described.

Similarly, there is no emotion like the emotion of having your design turned into a construction project.

The incredible emotion is available only to those architects that push themselves to their core and design something truly remarkable.

I hope you feel this emotion at some point in your career.

Beautiful house at night.

After all, the point of architecture is to design a building for the building’s future construction.

How exciting!

What a thrill!

When you design a building, you feel this emotion.

When the construction begins, you feel a better emotion as well.

Emotion is a great driver of ambition for an architect.

Also, our privileged financial standing is a blessing as well.

Most architects are well off and aren’t worried about their finances or their economics.

For that reason, I am grateful that AutoCAD is still so remarkably affordable.

You can buy AutoCAD for only $1,610 a year on a normal day.

On Black Friday, you can achieve a considerable discount.

You will be very pleased with the discount this year for architects for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.

Architects are a rare breed – a group of men and women that dare to dream greatly.

This year, as we approach a new year, decide to become an architect that dares to dream greatly.

Your doubts and fears will never recover.

Thank you.

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