4 Reasons To Shop For AutoCAD Now (Black Friday & Cyber Monday)

Beautiful hallway for Black Friday.

Reason 1: Get a great deal on AutoCAD.

Reason 2: Impress your friends.

Reason 3: Show off your architecture skills.

Reason 4: Save money.

AutoCAD is an affordable software for most professional architects, on a good day.

On a day such as Black Friday, AutoCAD is down-right cheap – that’s right, and really inexpensive.


My name is Clark, and I am an architect from Los Angeles, California.

I am writing this blog because I am such an avid fan of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is a must-have software for every professional architect.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that an architect with AutoCAD in his pocket (that’s right, there is a great mobile app for AutoCAD) levels up as an architect.

Simply for owning AutoCAD, you get a great level-up.

I have been doing architecture now for nearly a decade.

And while the architecture field continues to innovate, one thing that doesn’t change is the professionalism and functionality (to say nothing of beauty) of AutoCAD.

Easily the most durable software on the market for architects, AutoCAD is worth a pretty penny on some days.

Fortunately, there’s a big price drop for AutoCAD on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is the day after Thanksgiving when everyone is full, had plenty of family interactions, and so we turn to our internet devices to go shopping for Christmas, Hanukkah, and the holiday season.

A beautiful house for Black Friday.

I have heard that discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday could reach a 50% off discount.

Here’s a link to shop for AutoCAD at the Autodesk web site (Autodesk makes AutoCAD).

I hope you get at least 50% off the price.

Black Friday is another huge shopping day for everyone in the world.

Everybody gets onto the internet and starts shopping – and yes, architects go shopping too.

When you have the will, the drive, the ambition in architecture to be at your best and accomplish incredible things, then you often look for the moment of advantage.

The moment of advantage is big in architecture, because when you have a temporary advantage, either as an architect or as an architectural firm, then you must take action in that moment.

There could be a big client looking publicly to do a project, and he hasn’t yet picked an architectural firm.

There could be a new project, and the firm has not yet picked the lead designer.

Moments of advantage are often shaped as moments of opportunity as well.

And when you take the initiative, you could score big points – and make big bucks – as well.

That’s the sort of opportunity that an architect has on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, too.

I know, there’s an interesting segue between doing your best architecture work and shopping for the best in architecture software.

At the same time, architects that have ambition and drive are the architects that succeed.

And architects that succeed know that when there is a moment of advantage, you should take advantage of the moment.

That’s very LA of me to say, I am aware.

AT the same time, the deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday come around exactly one time per year – right around Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday to this day, for a few reasons.

Great food.

Great company that you don’t see too often but still appreciate.

Great football.

That means plenty of beer and snacks.

When you want to level up as an architect, you often make the decision to shop for AutoCAD.

I remember when I first purchased AutoCAD.

I was on campus at a prominent East Coast university and I downloaded AutoCAD (for a fair price) onto my sleek and fast $2,000 laptop.

Still, the price for a top laptop is around $2,000.

Some things don’t change.

After I downloaded AutoCAD, something major changed within me, and around me.

Everything in my life went from wild and free to orderly and structured.

I went from dreaming about becoming an architect, to, well…

Becoming an architect.

AutoCAD is like that for any architect of any age whether still in college (or high school) to the experienced architect at an A+ firm.

I want to stress this point because architects deserve to know the truth:

When you own AutoCAD on your personal computer (and in addition to your work computer)…

You actually upgrade your entire life as an architect.

Autodesk is the company that makes AutoCAD, and they do a lot of great work to upgrade the architect, and not only the software.

Truly, there is something interesting that needs to be shared now, about Cyber Monday, and Black Friday, and especially, about architecture.

Architects have been doing weights and measures for hundreds, if not thousands of years, already.

The contemporary architect has far more sophistication in tools at his or her disposal.

Thus, the architecture we see in the 21st century is very advanced in modernity.

Modern house on Black Friday

There is a difference though in how tools are developed now.

If you want a hammer, then there are only so many hammers.

And so many arms.

At the same time, there is no shortage of architecture software.

That’s right, AutoCAD is here forever, because there is so much AutoCAD to go around.

Because of this interesting truth, you can get a really reasonable price on AutoCAD.

The previous statement is also one of the reasons why I intend to own shares in Autodesk as well.

There are always more architects.

AutoCAD is the standard architecture software for basically every professional architect.

And loyalty to the company is high.

Keeping in mind that Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and especially Cyber Monday is here, you would really win if you got your purchase on for AutoCAD at this incredible moment in American capitalism.

Shop for AutoCAD on Black Friday during the discount period of Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

And experience the benefits in your life forever.

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