When looking to get hired, seek strategies for architects!

Architects often rely on the study of design for their approaches.

The image is a well designed home.

Often, design thinking is additive to a great conceptual mix for architects.

In this article, you will find 4 strategies for architects for easily getting hired – making your architectural job search a breeze.

Strategies For Architects, 1: Be Proactive In Your Approach

When applying in a position in architecture, you must be proactive in your approach.

Don’t wait for the jobs to show up on your doorstep.

Rather, take the proactive initiative and find the architecture job that is perfect for you.

A very important point to consider is the use of place in making your proactive job decision.

Where do you want to work is also a question of what city do you want to live in?

When you want to live in Los Angeles, California then an offer for an architecture position feels like you made a million dollars.

Choose the place where you want to work, and then your satisfaction with your decision will make your job search much more exciting.

Good Luck!

Strategies For Architects, 2: Learn 3D Modeling on AutoCAD

The image shows a beautiful structure in snow.

3D modeling on AutoCAD is a very important zone for architects to focus their skills.

AutoCAD is the most-used architecture software.

Architects everywhere in the United States, Canada, and the world use AutoCAD to accomplish appropriately great designs.

Most importantly, everyone in your future architecture firm is using AutoCAD.

Some say that a man is a man upon achieving his degree.

But after buying AutoCAD, he is an Architect.

Read about 5 Easy Steps To AutoCAD For Architects.

3D modeling on AutoCAD takes your floor plans and designs and presents them to the world.

When you become good at 3D modeling on AutoCAD, you achieve importance to your architectural firm.

The reason is that the 3D models are often the imagery shown to clients.

As such, your work can often reach the client’s desk when you succeed in 3D modeling.

AutoCAD is a superior CAD software. Use AutoCAD to your advantage.

Strategies For Architects, 3: Create A Superb Portfolio

The image shows a portfolio-worthy house interior.

One of the best strategies for architects when applying for a job as an architect is to create a portfolio.

And truly, to create a remarkable architecture portfolio.

When you have a portfolio, you let your future boss visualize your credentials to see how good your architecture can really be.

You want your portfolio to be clean, strong, and multi-faceted.

Ideally, you will have residential in your portfolio.

You will have commercial.

You will have mixed-use.

You will have a piece of infrastructure, such as a university library.

You will have a vertical building, at least 20 stories high.

When you have a sophisticated portfolio, you will impress your future boss with more than your credentials.

You will impress your boss with your talents as well.

Make sure you have an impressive portfolio, and you will find that your strategy for getting hired will be accepted by all parties involved.

Strategies For Architects, 4: Subscribe To The Architecture, Engineering, & Construction Collection From Autodesk

With all the strategies for architects available to you, you might find yourself overwhelmed with so much to do.

The image shows an architect on a computer.

Never fear, there is an easy answer when there is so much choice.

The answer is to go shopping…

For architecture software.

One of the single greatest options an architect has is to up his game with architecture software.

When you subscribe to the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection, you get street cared and will be looked at as someone invested in their career.

When you invest in yourself, someone will invest in you.

The Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection From Autodesk features AutoCAD and Revit.

The Collection also features 3DS Max and more software, for less than the cost of AutoCAD and Revit combined.

The Deal is incredible.

With the Three Year Subscription, you pay only $210 / month.

You get a great deal.

You also get an astounding collection of software.

The Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection is such a great quality product, with incredible value.

Buy today.


There are so many great strategies for architects when things come to applying for an architecture job.

From 3D modeling on AutoCAD to being proactive, and from having a great portfolio to buying AutoCAD and Revit, the sky is the limit when you want to get hired as an architect.

The Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection is the best deal at just $210 / month out the door.

Buy now and get ready to get hired!

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